Published: Fri, April 12, 2019
Sci-tech | By Laverne Osborne

SpaceX Falcon Heavy sticks the landing in spectacular launch

SpaceX Falcon Heavy sticks the landing in spectacular launch

For SpaceX, the addition of the large and reusable Falcon Heavy to its launch business gives the company the ability to bid on heavier payloads than it can with the smaller Falcon 9 rocket, opening up the market for big commercial satellites launches and national security missions.

The 23-story-tall Heavy, which previously launched Musk's cherry red Tesla roadster to space in a 2018 debut test flight, blasted off from Florida's Kennedy Space Center carrying its first customer payload.

SpaceX said it would try again Thursday evening.

SpaceX has two operational rockets: the Falcon 9, which with 21 launches in 2018 dominates the United States market, and the Falcon Heavy, which as its name suggests is created to lift much heavier payloads into more distant orbits.

It was the first time the company had landed all three boosters for Falcon Heavy. As SpaceX explains on its website, this vehicle is the most powerful (operational) rocket now in existence.

The YouTube window below will go live shortly before the launch window opens, assuming SpaceX doesn't push it back at the last minute. SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, atop a Falcon 9 rocket, cleared its first unmanned test flight in March ahead of its crewed mission planned for July, while the first unmanned test for Boeing's Starliner capsule is slated for August on ULA's Atlas 5 rocket.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk put his own Tesla convertible on last year's demo.

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SpaceX aims to land two of the first-stage boosters back at Cape Canaveral, just like it did for the rocket's debut past year.

Thousands of people came to SpaceX's launch site in Florida to watch the spectacle.

In the 2018 test mission, Falcon Heavy's core booster missed the vessel and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. It has three rocket boosters, which are strapped together during launch and are created to then break apart and make pinpoint landings back on Earth.

Arabsat-6A was due for its deployment about a half-hour after launch.

The satellite SpaceX will launch on Wednesday will update satellite coverage for Arabsat, which is based in Riyadh and delivers hundreds of television channels and radio stations to homes across the Middle East and North Africa.

High wind speeds far above the ground were responsible for derailing yesterday's launch, and we won't know for sure whether things are calm enough for a launch until SpaceX makes the call.

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