Published: Tue, April 16, 2019
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

Notre Dame cathedral on fire in Paris

Notre Dame cathedral on fire in Paris

The current cathedral of Notre-Dame was commissioned by King Louis VII of France who commissioned impressive monuments to demonstrate to the world that Paris was the political, economic, religious and cultural capital of France.

Flames shot out of the roof behind the nave of the cathedral, among the most visited landmarks in the world. My thoughts go out to all Catholics and French people.

"When you look at [the cathedral] from the front, there is no problem", Friends of Notre-Dame head Michel Picaud told the Times. "But when you go behind the scenes, that's when things start to go downhill".

As the cathedral burned, Parisians gathered to pray and sing hymns outside the church of Saint Julien Les Pauvres across the river from Notre Dame while the flames lit the sky behind them.

The spokesperson said that the fire had begun in the cathedral's attic.

"I have a lot of friends who live overseas and every time they come I tell them to go to Notre-Dame", said witness Samantha Silva, with tears in her eyes.

The Spanish Prime Minister tweeted in both Spanish and French calling the fire at Notre Dame a "catastrophe for France and for Europe".

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The cathedral is a world-wide Parisian icon and site of some of the most important moments in the history of France. "It's a real symbol of Paris". Since then, firefighters in Paris have been working hard to try and put out the flames but it's proved to be a tough process and onlookers around the world have expressed their sadness over seeing the 856-year-old building burn to the ground.

The cathedral was actively under renovation and partially surrounded by scaffolding prior to the fire.

It is renowned for its rib vaulting, flying buttresses and stunning stained glass windows, as well as its many carved stone gargoyles.

According to French TV, the structure is likely to survive.

He recalled that Notre Dame's bells sounded a death knell after the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris. After emerging to face a throng of reporters, Marcon vowed the cathedral would be rebuilt and announced the launch of an global fundraising drive to begin raising the millions of dollars necessary to restore the building to its former glory.

"Notre-Dame belonged to all humanity".

"What horror. I share the French nation's sadness".

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