Published: Sun, April 07, 2019
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Kit Harington Winks Away Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rumors

Kit Harington Winks Away Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rumors

Kit Harington dropped by "The Tonight Show" and proved that he may just be the flawless cast-member of HBO's epic "Game of Thrones" to lob spoiler questions at.

Kit Harington's (Jon Snow) plate is very full these days.

Your ol' pal Jon Snow caught up with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday, ahead of the premiere of Season 8 on April 14.

Jimmy then showed a fiery scene of "destruction" and asked if it means everyone on the show dies and Kit replied with another wink-blink answer. "My brother managed to get it into the end of my best man's speech", he shared. Keeping that in mind, Fallon challenged Harington to settle some Game of Thrones spoiler questions with a wink meaning yes and a blink meaning no. "It was quite sweet, actually", he revealed.

"It was Rose's 30th birthday and she decided the theme for the costume party was "Bad Taste"," he explained.

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Carol McSeveney, Textiles Sales Leader, IKEA UK & Ireland, said: "We are flattered that our rugs have featured in Game of Thrones across the years and can't wait to see them making a re-appearance in Season 8".

The cast and crew of the hugely popular fantasy show have made it clear that numerous characters would not walk away from the last ever season unscathed, and Kit Harington admitted to crying in the last ever cast reading. Wink-blink. Does Jon get to ride a dragon?

Harington thought "it was really funny" idea but at the party, "we had these two girls handing out canapes and drinks and things and they had not been told what the theme of the costume party was so they just saw me dressed as my character from "Game of Thrones".

Game of Thrones returns to screens in April, and on Tuesday, a brand new teaser was released that appears to show the death of several main characters.

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