Published: Thu, March 21, 2019
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Trump Has Waged Sexist War On Kellyanne Conway's Husband. That Escalated Quickly

Trump Has Waged Sexist War On Kellyanne Conway's Husband. That Escalated Quickly

Mr Conway responded to Mr Trump's latest tirade on Twitter, commenting: "You. Are".

I know this story is all the rage again - due to escalations on both sides, and the media's voracious appetite for covering the soap opera-esque drama - but I must admit I feel nearly totally ambivalent about it.

Trump has been expressing irritation with Conway since the lawyer's recent suggestion the president was suffering from a mental condition such as narcissistic personality disorder and was unfit to serve as president.

The attorney's criticism of Trump first generated headlines last spring, though the president didn't publicly address it until late a year ago.

Trump, who has so far refrained from targeting George Conway during his presidency, called the lawyer a "stone cold LOSER & husband from hell" Wednesday.

He was up for consideration for a Justice Department job but withdrew for what he said was his opposition to Trump, despite his wife's position in the White House.

Trump continued to attack his senior aide's husband on Twitter this week, retweeting his 2020 campaign manager's criticism of George Conway on Tuesday and then tweeting his own jab Wednesday morning.

A political advisor siding with her boss over her spouse is the most Washington thing ever unless this really is a coordinated effort by the Conways, with Kellyanne tacitly approving of George's tweets. It also implies that Trump is dangerously unhinged and can not help himself, which lends support to the argument that he must removed from office through extraordinary means rather than the judgment of voters-who, after all, put him there in the first place, even though he had been displaying the "symptoms" of this "mental disorder" for years.

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Meanwhile Kellyanne defends everything he says and does with her "alternative fact" spinning.

- George Conway's animus to Trump is born primarily from jealousy he feels toward his wife for her success.

Trump is saying that about a man Kellyanne Conway has been married to for almost 20 years and with whom she has four children.

It's not the first time George has been called out by a Trump.

What we now have is that the President's leading public advocate and leading public critic live under the same roof and are married to one another.

"I think it's very frustrating for the president to see the hard circumstances that Kellyanne is put in".

And that's an unenviable choice to have to make.

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