Published: Mon, March 25, 2019
Technology | By Nina Perez

Nintendo's Direct-Style Spring 2019 Showcase Is Over, Rewatch It Here

Nintendo's Direct-Style Spring 2019 Showcase Is Over, Rewatch It Here

In addition, you can read about how an indie developer is making an official Zelda game, as well as check out six awesome games from the spring Nindies showcase.

Cuphead has been fully localised in 10 new languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

With the Game Developers Conference going on right now, Nintendo is broadcasting another Direct-style presentation this week, this one focusing on indie games. Cuphead will also receive a major content update on the same day which adds a host of features to the game.

Moldenhauer, when asked what characters the cast of Cuphead would fight, proposed a 2v2 battle between Cuphead, Mugman, and the Ice Climbers.

President Trump Just Recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli Territory
Mr Netanyahu, whose Likud party is running slightly behind a new centrist party led by the former general Benny Gantz in polls... USA and Israeli officials said Wednesday they had not expected a decision until next week, when Netanyahu is to visit the U.S.

Nintendo Switch fans will be finding out about a whole host of new indie games coming to the system, with fans surely holding out hope for a release date for A Hat In Time.

We are partnering with StudioMDHR to investigate bringing Xbox Live features beyond Xbox and PC to Nintendo Switch.

There are many reports that Microsoft is working closely with Nintendo to bring Xbox Live to Switch at some capacity. The game first launched for Xbox One and PC as a Microsoft exclusive in 2017, garnering critical acclaim for its challenging run-and-gun gameplay and attractive hand-drawn visuals, which evoke the style of classic 1930s cartoons. That's a surprising announcement in itself, as it seemed that Cuphead would remain a console exclusive on the Xbox One. It has now sold millions of copies and will undoubtedly be a hot seller on the Nintendo handheld as well.

"Oh yeah I was talking to one of the Cuphead devs yesterday, and he said that it was Microsoft actually approached them and asked if they'd like to make a Switch version", Bloodworth said on Twitter.

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