Published: Mon, March 25, 2019
Technology | By Nina Perez

New York Times CEO warns publishers ahead of Apple news launch

New York Times CEO warns publishers ahead of Apple news launch

On Monday, Apple also is expected to unveil an Apple News subscription option featuring content from major publishers and a new credit card with Goldman Sachs to bolster Apple Pay. But Apple will have several other deep-pocketed competitors fighting for consumers' dollars. Apple's plans here have been referred to as a kind of Netflix-for-games, but based on Bloomberg's reporting it sounds like Apple's offering will work more like Spotify.

One of the most exciting factors of the event is that Apple's video service that is a long-rumored concept will also be unveiled at the spring event. It should be noted that a digital subscription to the Journal normally costs $39 a month, so subscribers to the premium tier of Apple News are getting a bargain here. The Apple video service will be tied to a TV app that is already pre-installed on Apple devices, putting the company's content at the fingertips of hundreds of millions of potential viewers.

Apple gets a cut from each subscription service you subscribe to through iTunes. As Cheddar noted, the company's push for the services comes as Apple is looking to expand its revenue as hardware sales are stalling and amid a surge in streaming and subscription services. In terms of revenue, it will apparently be distributed among the game developers based on the time duration that gamers spent playing those games. No one knows exactly what the company will reveal in this big press event. If the company unveils a decent gaming service, then a good amount of users could be drawn over it.

The iPhone maker, which has officially been mum on its plans, was expected to bring in Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Star Wars director J.J. Abrams to a launch event at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

Apple falls out with New York Times

An important, unanswered question: will the company keep its streaming creations exclusive to Apple devices, or release them on Android phones and other distribution channels?

Apple will be holding livestream of the event on its website.

That marked growth of almost 50 percent for the service launched in 2008 by the major TV and film studios to compete with Netflix. The Wall Street Journal has agreed to join Apple's service, according to a recent New York Times report. Hours before Apple's grand event, details about the two new subscription services have emerged. Its efforts to introduce a television service have also been well-documented; it's probably the worst-kept secret at Apple.

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