Published: Sat, March 02, 2019
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Minister quits over Brexit delay vote

Minister quits over Brexit delay vote

Mr Mann last night said the scale of the package from ministers would be vital in winning the support of Labour MPs, whose backing is needed to cancel out hardline Eurosceptics who would prefer No Deal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leading Brexiteer, said he could live with a time-limited backstop, though on 27 January, 20 Conservative MPs voted against May's new timetable and 88 abstained.

Agriculture minister George Eustice has quit the government, warning a delay in Brexit could lead to the "final humiliation of our country".

Goldman raised the probability of that outcome to 55% from 50% while cutting its view of no-deal Brexit to 10% from 15%.

As time marches on and this becomes clearer to our MPs, the risk is that they do, in the end, cave in to Mrs May's bad deal.

Downing Street has long held the DUP as crucial to seeing the Brexit deal pass, as the party will bring significant numbers of Tory Brexiteers with them.

Otherwise MPs are expected on 13 and 14 March to vote for leaving at the end of March with no deal or deciding on delaying Brexit altogether.

May has repeatedly refused to take no-deal off the table. FUW President Glyn Roberts said. Now it is time to decide: "A deal, no deal or stay", he added, ruling out an extension much beyond European Union legislative elections on May 26.

In that, they may take some comfort from ideas of a long extension to the process that were floated by some European Union officials after May ran into trouble with the deal at home in December.

Eustice said that he had good relations with both the European Commission and ministers from other member states during his time as minister. "It's not about the United Kingdom, it's about paralysing the European Union". That leaves open the possibility of an abrupt exit with no agreement.

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"More than any other government department, has embraced the opportunities posed by our exit from the EU".

British Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said: "We are taking steps to ensure supply chains continue to function, whatever the circumstances of our departure, and that mitigation is in place to avoid disruption at borders".

If it is rejected, lawmakers will then vote on whether to leave the European Union without an agreement or seek to postpone Brexit by up to three months.

But some questioned what it would achieve without a breakthrough in London, where MPs still can not agree how to implement the 2016 Brexit referendum result.

Net migration from the European Union has fallen consistently since Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016.

A new referendum can only be called if it is approved by parliament and there is now no majority in favour of one.

Almost three years ago, reeling from a hammer blow to decades of European integration after Britons voted to leave, many EU leaders would have seized any chance to put the genie back in the bottle.

Locally, 60% of Rochdale voters opted to leave.

In a letter responding to his resignation, Mrs May said: "I agree with you that Parliament must now come together and honour the referendum result by voting for a deal which will give businesses and citizens the certainty they need and deserve".

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