Published: Thu, March 07, 2019
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Kelly plays victim in freaky TV interview

Kelly plays victim in freaky TV interview

"This is what I hear", King begins in ET's exclusive clip. "It is pathetic and disgusting that R. Kelly has manipulated these young girls and lied to them about their families", Avenatti wrote. "But I never thought that he was going to hurt me".

"Here he was a little boy under this older woman's control-her sexual abuse-and now he is what's called 'identifying with the aggressor, '" said Lieberman. When directly asked about his previous allegations of sexual involvement with minors, Kelly referenced his acquittal, deeming the resurfacing of allegations an unfair case of "double jeopardy". The singer wasn't the only emotional one.

Kelly, who was born Robert Sylvester Kelly, was arrested on February 22 in Chicago before he spent several days in jail. When he's on that job, he's a beast, he's tough, he has to be. According to the report, R. Kelly may find himself headed back to jail for failure to pay the debt.

On Wednesday morning, the first part of King's intimate sit-down with Kelly aired, with Kelly vehemently denying his multiple sexual abuse charges.

King continued to press Kelly on the indictments, as well as the numerous women who have come forward over the years, more recently in Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries. Nobody said nothing good. "They was describing Lucifer". He claims that the only thing that he's guilty of is "having a big heart" and King says that she believes he's honest, although he has acknowledged that he's made mistakes.

"What I saw on TV this morning, about the way he acted, when he got upset, I can only imagine what he does behind closed doors", Savage's mother Jonjelyn said.
"To make all of this stuff that's going on now feels real to people".

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At one point, Kelly points to the camera and says it would be stupid of him to hold girls against their will. "Y'all killing me with this s**t". Hate me if you want to, love me if you want. The fact that he was in the courtroom last week on his bond hearing that he rolled out the two women, who are less than 30 years.

When King pointed out the age gap between the women and Kelly, the singer responded: "I don't look at "much younger" than me". "Y'all trying to kill me!" "You can start a rumor on a guy like me or a celebrity just like that". This is not about music!

"Lots of things wrong when it comes to women and I apologize but I apologized in those relationships at the time I was in those relationships".

"I just knew that I was never in danger", Kind told The Oprah Magazine. "Nothing that we've done was to defame you or to embarrass you, it's because we care about your well-being", We went from seeing you or talking to you daily, or weekly, to not seeing you in two years.

Many commented on the gender dynamic they felt was on display in the photograph, and throughout the interview.

The interview is scheduled to air on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday and Thursday.

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