Published: Tue, March 05, 2019
Technology | By Nina Perez

How to enable Facebook Messenger’s secret dark mode on iOS

How to enable Facebook Messenger’s secret dark mode on iOS

The Social media giant first announced a dark mode for its Facebook Messenger app at last year's F8 developer conference.

Once the emoji has been sent, users should see a shower of crescent moon emojis parade down the interface -similar to the balloon and confetti eruption that appears when leaving a "congrats" comment on a friend's status update.

At the moment at least, Messenger's dark mode only seems to be available in the mobile app on iOS and Android, as the settings page on desktop makes no mention of it.

Enabling the mode is done in a bit of an odd way: You have to send a moon emoji to someone, specifically the half crescent.

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The new dark mode makes Messenger much easier on the eyes and should use a lot less battery too.

The new Dark Mode feature can be toggled on and off at your own discretion as well via Settings. This will let you know that you have successfully unlocked the feature and it can be toggled On or Off within the app's settings menu.

Here is how to activate Facebook Messenger's secret dark-mode theme for night viewing. Now, after four months the devs have finally rolled this feature out. I unlocked the mode by messaging a spammy Facebook bot.

To do this, tap on the message you'd like to retract and and select 'Remove for Everyone'. It has an integration with Facebook which allows Facebook users to chat with each other as well as producers or sellers to sell their products.

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