Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
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Global Youth Climate Strike Comes to Arcata and Eureka

Global Youth Climate Strike Comes to Arcata and Eureka

"They can't open their eyes to see the truth".

- Thousands marched in rainy Warsaw and other Polish cities to demand a ban on burning coal, a major source of carbon dioxide.

"It's spread so far, I think it's absolutely incredible, and it just shows how much climate change does need to be addressed and how unsatisfied we are with what's now going on", she said.

The event was just one of several taking place around the world for the Global March for Action.

The Portland Police Bureau said it could not accurately estimate the number of attendees.

Romaric Thurel, one of the coordinators at Youth for Climate France, has said: "We are aiming for over 500,000 people across 150-200 towns and cities across France".

The movement was inspired by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, who has been striking for climate action since last August.

Thunberg's activities have attracted supporters across the globe and fetched the girl a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. She also thanked Congressman Jared Huffman for sponsoring the Green New Deal.

Santamaria brushed off claims made by critics on social media that she and her peers were just trying to get out of class for the day. This is an effort to save our lives. "They didn't care about their future so they didn't try to save this planet for you, '" she said into a megaphone. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown shared live video of the Portland rally on Twitter and added a note of encouragement.

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The walkout is happening in many nations around the world - including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, South Africa, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, France, Britain and Germany. But students say that walking out of school makes a bigger impact.

Protests also took place in the US although the turnout wasn't almost as robust.

And they're being considerably more vocal than our own Environment Minister Melissa Price, who has been pretty much MIA on the issue since she was appointed to the role previous year. "Climate chaos is ravaging our environment, health AND our economy". So youth protests like #ClimateStrike could help remind the older generation that action needs to be taken.

The State House protest was part of a coordinated strike that inspired rallies throughout MA and in more than 100 countries, from the South Pacific to the edge of the Arctic Circle.

Santamaria rides her bike as much as possible.

But, like many other speakers, Ider also was hopeful that her generation is passionate about these issues and seemed inspired by the group present today.

Loading the atmosphere with greenhouse gases at current rates will eventually lead to an uninhabitable planet, scientists say.

"The political climate in the States right now is doing nothing", 17-year-old Max Prestigiacomo, who's organizing a Wisconsin demonstration, told NBC News.

Participants in the Portland event wore shirts and held signs that said, "We have until I'm 24 to stop this" and "I'll be 20 when the damage is irreversible".

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