Published: Sun, March 17, 2019
Technology | By Nina Perez

Android Q introduces several new APIs

Android Q introduces several new APIs

Up until now Google only allowed this mechanism starting with later betas, when things became more stable, and the first preview build was only installable manually, as it was aimed exclusively at developers.

Once you're enrolled, you'll continue to be updated to every new version of the Android Q beta automatically, over-the-air. As per 9to5Google, Android Q has introduced a tiny bell icon on the notification that rang last. You can get it by participating in Google's Android Beta Program. To be clear, this just refers to the first developer preview, which means it's primarily for developers because they're probably the only ones who can deal with the risks associated with using unfinished software.

After you entered the command you have to reboot your Google Pixel. So, before going any further you should make sure that you have the backup of all your data. However, I must wonder what delicious dessert will Android Q be named after?

Add to that a whole host of smaller updates and behind the scenes tweaks - from the ability to undo changes to the home screen to code optimisations - as well as new features still to be announced, and there's a lot to explore in Android Q. Considering that this is Google we are talking about, no one should be surprised to find out that the new update is available in the form of APK. For example, if you're using a browser but you've got no internet connection, a setting panel can pop up and display the Internet Connectivity panel so that you can quickly toggle on Wi-Fi or mobile data without leaving your app.

The first beta build of Android Q is coming with some of the major changes over Android Pie. Google has also shared the factory system images for all supported device which can be downloaded directly by accessing this URL.

Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters

XDA Developers reports that the experimental desktop mode enables freefrom multi-windows, allowing users to open apps and move them around however they like. But since the app may not need location outside of when it's now in use, the user may not want to grant that access. Apps will now be able to ask users for permission to use location all the time, only when the app is running or never.

Other extras include faster sharing of content, improved settings and dynamic depth format for photos which should improve bokeh-style effects.

So that sums up some of the new APIs heading to Android Q. Want to give Android Q a try?

Google is focusing on modernising the Android ecosystem to enhance platform-wide security and improve performance, and when Android 10 is deployed it will warn users if they run an app which targets platforms older than Android 6.0. It supports AV1 video codec to offer high-quality video streaming while consuming less bandwidth.

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