Published: Mon, February 04, 2019
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Trudeau says clause in Venezuela constitution shows Guaido is interim president

Trudeau says clause in Venezuela constitution shows Guaido is interim president

"It's time for Maduro to get out of the way".

"We have a plan, well thought out, structured", Guaido said at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences in the Central University of Venezuela on Thursday, noting that "it is the sum of many sacrifices".

Venezuela's self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido, called for demonstrators to again take to city streets Saturday to demand Maduro cede power after over a week of sporadic mass protests.

Guaido said there would be something for everyone in society to do as Venezuela moves forward, including the military.

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Iglesia Doral Jesus Worship Center after meeting with Venezuelan exiles and community leaders on February 01, 2019 in Doral, Florida.

The United Nations has told Venezuela's Juan Guaido that it is willing to step up humanitarian aid to his country but requires consent from the government led by Nicolas Maduro, a spokesman said Thursday. "The time has come to end the Maduro dictatorship once and for all".

"Let's be clear", Pence said.

Others, meanwhile, have warned Trump to stay out of Venezuela's affairs.

Maduro has described Guaido's challenge as a "vile" coup attempt and still has control of most of the Venezuelan government, including its cash cow, the state owned oil company. But he reassured them President Donald Trump's administration would further weaken Maduro. Spain's state-run EFE news agency said three of its journalists were freed Thursday after being detained overnight in Venezuela's capital.

"Chavez is the love of my life" she said, referring to the late Venezuelan president.

This combined with Mr Trump's reluctance to commit United States troops to foreign wars, makes the prospect of a US-led invasion unlikely.

The once stable South American country is stuck in a downward spiral of crippling inflation, widespread shortages and political discontent, with many Venezuelans placing blame for the crisis squarely at Maduro's feet.

Donald Trump: 'The chant should be now finish the wall'
I've set the stage for doing what I'm going to do", he said, without specifying if this meant declaring a state of emergency. Amid signs that Trump's leverage in Congress is atrophying, he seemed to aim one tweet at his conservative followers.

Last week the oil-rich but economically devastated Latin American country was plunged into uncertainty when the US -backed opposition leader Guaido proclaimed himself "acting president".

Guaido's claim to the Venezuelan presidency has been backed by protests in which at least 35 people have been killed and more than 900 have been arrested, according to human rights groups.

Francisco Sucre heads the worldwide committee of the opposition-led National Assembly in Venezuela.

Guaido's call for a massive show of popular support coincides with a huge pro-Maduro demonstration.

"For this, it needs the consent and the cooperation of the government", he added.

In a non-binding resolution, Euro-MPs voted to recognise Guaido, Venezuela's self-declared interim President as de-facto head of state and called on all European Union governments to follow suit.

"My advice to bankers, brokers, traders, facilitators, and other businesses: don't deal in gold, oil, or other Venezuelan commodities being stolen from the Venezuelan people by the Maduro mafia, " National Security Adviser John Bolton said in a tweet this week.

"Power is evaporating from Maduro's hands with the passing of the hours", Sucre said.

"We are not taking any side".

Guaido on Friday made public a letter that he's sending to both leaders.

The political fight between Maduro and Guaido has drawn in foreign powers.

He says his priority is to hold democratic elections. Some countries, including Mexico and Uruguay, have offered to mediate.

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