Published: Sat, February 02, 2019
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NJ Senator Cory Booker Announces He is Running for President

NJ Senator Cory Booker Announces He is Running for President

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey is the latest Democrat to enter the increasingly crowded race for the White House, making the initial announcement with a message of unity.

In his video message, Booker took an obvious swipe at President Trump, saying that he wants Americans to see their leaders on TV and "feel pride, not shame", and that "together we will channel our common pain into our common goal.

Of those who took up arms to defend our country, and those who linked arms to challenge and change it", Booker says in the video, in which he walks through his Newark, New Jersey neighborhood.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election on Friday with a video championing the Civil Rights movement and decrying America's lack of a "common goal".

In a bid to burnish his foreign policy credentials, Booker joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2017.

Gabbard's supporters say she is an opponent of United States wars, while critics point out that she has ties to Syria's Bashar al-Assad and India's Narendra Modi, and supports the so-called war on "terror". After a failed bid to become mayor of New Jersey's largest city in 2002, he was elected on his second try in 2006.

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If Booker is downplaying his enthusiasm for school choice, it's obvious why: To capture the Democratic nomination, he thinks he'll need to shed his image as a third-way Democrat and court the left. In the upper chamber, though, Booker has mainly pulled silly stunts like declaring a Spartacus moment for himself during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process, revealing memos that were going to be revealed anyway - and were meaningless.

In the Senate, Booker has at times favored a pragmatic approach, teaming up with like-minded Republicans on issues like criminal justice. Day she is also running for president in 2020.

"He's a person who operates between instincts, gut and faith", said Rep. Cedric Richmond, a Louisiana Democrat who's the most recent former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. "No, I'm looking to unite Americans". His 2012 "Meet the Press" interview when he criticized Barack Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's private equity experience hasn't been forgotten by the hardcore left.

"It is not a matter of can we, it's a matter of do we have the collective will, the American will?" he added. But in a field where there is no clear front-runner, he brings a raw political talent that some Democrats believe could set him apart and make him a powerful contender.

"Every candidate should run on their authentic self, tell their truth, and more importantly, or most importantly, talk about their vision for the country", he said.

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