Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
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How to delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger

How to delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger

The feature is in the latest version of the Messenger app on iOS and Android, Facebook said Tuesday. Fellow messaging service WhatsApp - which is also owned by Facebook - also has an "unsend" tool.

"Simply tap on the message you want to remove and select the option to "Remove for Everyone." explains Messenger product manager Anna Iskikian. Tapping 'remove for everyone" will permanently delete the message from your chat and the receiving party's chat.

For up to 10 minutes after a Facebook message is sent, users will have the option to delete that message from the conversation. At the time, Facebook told TechCrunch Zuckerberg's messages were deleted for security purposes.

Last year, it was reported that some of Mark Zuckerburg's earlier messages to people had been disappearing from the recipients' inboxes.

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But it does let you erase any messages that may have typos, were sent to the wrong person or that you may regret after-the-fact. After changing its name to just "Facebook" in 2005, the social network was opened to the general public in the fall of 2006, marking the start of one of the most remarkable growth stories in corporate history. "Starting today, we are launching a feature where you can easily remove your message on Messenger". You only have a 10 minute window to complete both actions.

After selecting 'Remove for Everyone, ' users will get a warning that says: 'You'll permanently remove this message for all chat members.

"Previously, Facebook's employee bonus formula was based on six factors, including user growth, increased sharing by users, and improvements in product quality".

Facebook first rolled out the capacity to manage Messenger, Facebook and Instagram interactions in the Page Manager app back in 2016, with a unified notifications stream across the three apps. And also, that the "beta" feature will not be used by Zuckerberg or any other Facebook executive till then.

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