Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
Sport | By Joe Gonzales

Dennis Smith Jr. wishes he could face Mavs this season

Dennis Smith Jr. wishes he could face Mavs this season

Dennis Smith Jr. fell out of favor with the Dallas Mavericks some time ago, and now he's relishing a fresh start with the New York Knicks.

Similarly, newly-acquired big man Kristaps Porzingis only became a Maverick within this past week but his association to the organization in the form of comparisons to Nowitzki have been alive for years. And for anyone questioning the math, Cuban likes to talk about medical advances extending careers of players into their mid-40s.

"I can answer that for you", Cuban said. Asked for confirmation, he said, "We're on the same page".

"Our goal is to keep them together for the next 20 years", Cuban said, interjecting himself again.

"Every relationship takes time to build", Porzingis said.

"There's no rush", Porzingis.

The trade for Porzingis, along with shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Solskjaer believes the France forward has plenty of room for improvement and has urged him to look at the way Ronaldo developed. As a young lad moving overseas it's not easy but he knows he's going to stay here for the coming future and I believe in him".

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting that the Pelicans rejected a Knicks offer centered around Kristaps Porzingis.

The Knicks were convinced no team beyond the Mavericks was willing to offer cap space, a young player with upside and future first round picks.

Apparently, Cuban believes he's learned from that infamous decision, judging from what he told The New York Times' Marc Stein.

President of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, who negotiated the trade with the Knicks, described Porzingis and Doncic as players who "are going to put their own signatures on their positions", much like Dirk Nowitzki has done in Dallas for the past two decades. Naturally, Porzingis was asked about the potential of the Euro duo several times. Doncic already looks like one of the best rookies in recent memory and no player possesses both Porzingis' size and shooting ability.

Porzingis said sitting out this season has always been the plan, and he will remain patient despite saying he feels "bouncy" and is excited to get back on the court as soon as possible.

Mavs fans will have to wait patiently to watch Porzingis play with Doncic. "I didn't think when we drafted Dirk [Nowitzki] he was Larry Bird". "I hope we have a lot of time to spend together now that I'm in here in Dallas while he's still playing". "He's probably way ahead of the curve... he's way better than I was at 20". The Mavericks haven't won a playoff series since winning their only title. "In today's world of social media, things go a zillion miles an hour and we're going to blink and it's going to be media day in September 2019 and we'll be ready to go".

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