Published: Tue, February 05, 2019
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

Corn Farmers Are Mad at Budweiser

Corn Farmers Are Mad at Budweiser

It depends on what style of beer you are trying to make. "It's more of a processing aid and is 100% fermented out".

A dragon from Game of Thrones crashed a Bud Light Super Bowl ad. The idea, as you might guess, is that beer brewed with corn syrup is worse than beer that's brewed without it.

"Always intrigued at what commercials are going to come out, and when they progressed to we do not use corn syrup in our beer". They set out to the Miller Lite castle to see if it is theirs - but alas they already have their delivery of corn syrup.

But either way, after the brewing process is done, most of that sugar is gone.

"How is Bud Light now producing more Game of Thrones content than George R.R. Martin?"

"Sugar is sugar. Corns syrup is safe". According to a list of ingredients used in Bud Light, the drink includes water, barley, rice and hops.

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Garrett Oliver, brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewery, said corn and rice are used in fermenting to lighten the overall character and flavor of beers, but he agreed that there was not much difference in the ingredients used for that goal.

And Peter Marino, chief communications officer for MillerCoors, said the ad was like the pot calling the kettle black.

"The Bud Light ad says more about their market position than it does about any @MillerCoors products", Collins tweeted.

"We fully support corn growers and will continue to invest in the corn industry". The statement says it's up to consumers "to decide what beer is right for them".

In addition to the corn syrup ad, another Anheuser-Busch commercial Sunday night portrayed a dog perched atop a Budweiser wagon being pulled by the brewer's iconic Clydesdale horses. "It's really not true". Corn syrup and rice act as sweeteners for beer.

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