Published: Tue, February 19, 2019
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

16 states sue Trump over emergency order to fund border wall

16 states sue Trump over emergency order to fund border wall

"This "emergency" is a national disgrace".

"The president admitted that there's not a basis for the declaration, he admitted there's no crisis at the border, he's now trying to rob funds that were allocated by Congress legally to the various states and people of our states", Becerra told MSNBC on Monday.

"When he turned around, Trump's name was visible at the top, with an inverted 'R, '" the network reported. "I have to because I want to", Baldwin said as the sketch show opened.

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts People hold signs during a demonstration against U.S. President Donald Trump on President's day near the White House in Washington, U.S., February 18, 2019.

"[Trump] responded to this newly declared emergency by, just hours later, flying off to Florida for the weekend, where he's apparently been photographed waiting at an omelette bar", Oliver said.

However, the president also said that he did not need to declare the emergency but did so in the hope of obtaining the funds for the wall more quickly, but analysts say these comments could undermine his legal arguments.

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And, like before, Trump said without much explanation that the show is a coordinated attempt by NBC at character assassination.

Baldwin then launched into a tirade about the President's recent wellness checkup, embellishing the President's health stats, and calling himself "shredded".

There are several elements of truth in the "Saturday Night Live" version of Trump's national emergency reality. Outside analyses, including by the Brennan Center for Justice, have shown that virtually all such emergencies involved sanctions against foreign governments and groups for reasons such as human rights violations, rather than to spend money Congress intended for other purposes.

To top it all off, Baldwin's Trump finally said that after all the lawsuits were behind him - the "personal hell of playing president will finally be over". Very unfair and should be looked into, " Trump tweeted. "We love the S.H.I.E.L.D".

Trump, who spent years working with NBC as the host of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice, has been critical of SNL in the past - making this latest clap back par for the course. If a Democrat becomes president after the 2020 election, he or she could easily use the same logic utilized by Trump to justify a border wall in order to achieve their own controversial policy goals.

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