Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Theresa May loses second Brexit vote in two days

Theresa May loses second Brexit vote in two days

Nottinghamshire campaigners believe arguments over Brexit "could go on forever" if Theresa May's Brexit deal is approved by parliament next week.

It said the Government should return with a revised European Union exit plan within three sitting days if the Prime Minister's deal is defeated next week.

He said: "The prime minister scrapped the Brexit vote last month, and promised that legally binding assurances would be secured at the December EU summit - she failed".

A no-deal Brexit would be "a disastrous situation in which we move to the most rudimentary terms of trade with our closest partners", Greg Clark told BBC radio.

Amid chaotic scenes in the chamber, MPs backed an amendment requiring the PM to come back to the Commons within three working days to set out her Plan B if her Withdrawal Agreement is rejected in next week's vote.

Immediately prior to today's crucial vote, the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, was forced to respond to over an hour of procedural questions from Tory MPs, most of whom were infuriated that the Speaker had allowed MPs a vote on the controversial amendment.

"To break the deadlock, an election is not only the most practical option, it is also the most democratic option", Mr Corbyn will say.

Leading figures in the People's Vote campaign have said it will be up to Parliament to decide what the question is if there is another referendum. This would force parliamentarians to choose between the backstop - i.e. their main objection to the deal - and paying more to the European Union without representation, which is bound to be offensive to their constituents.

He said if MPs voted down the deal the prime minister had negotiated with the European Union, it might not lead to a different type of departure, but rather a process by which Brexit might never happen.

During the speech she will also criticise MPs and other public figures who have blamed the nation's problems on migrants and will say that the idea that "businesses turn to foreign labour because they are too lazy to invest in workers here" is a "myth that has been gaining currency".

Second summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump 'may be imminent'
The South Korean government believes a second North Korea-U.S. summit will happen at some point in the near future. The North Korean leader arrived in his armoured train on Tuesday, which is believed to have been his 35th birthday.

"These discussions have shown that further clarification over the backstop is possible and those talks will continue over the next few days".

The backstop, which would only come into force if no agreement on trade was reached during the transition period, would see Northern Ireland tied to some of the EU's rules.

What is striking is that Elliot reports it is not impossible that Jeremy Corbyn could give tacit support for backing a modified deal in order to avoid a no-deal exit and a second referendum, neither of which the Labour leader wants. In the month since, little seems to have changed to suggest that she'll win.

The DUP's Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson said: "The only thing which could swing the DUP round is if the backstop as it applies to the United Kingdom as a whole or to Northern Ireland specifically were removed from this agreement".

The endorsement came as pressure grew on May to rule out a no-deal Brexit if her agreement is rejected by MPs next week.

But not all world leaders have supported Mrs May's deal - in November, President Trump said it "sounds like a great deal for the EU".

"I am committed to getting the best outcome for this country, which is supporting the prime minister's deal".

Britain's de-facto deputy prime minister, David Lidington, said politicians must abandon "fantasies about magical alternative deals that are somehow going to sort of spring out of a cupboard in Brussels".

Asked whether she believed the United Kingdom could thrive after a no-deal Brexit, Rudd said: "This is a strong and great country, we will find a way to succeed, but I do not think that no deal would be good for this country and I'm committed to making sure we find an alternative".

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