Published: Sat, January 26, 2019
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Resident Evil Franchise Heading to Netflix as Scripted Series

Resident Evil Franchise Heading to Netflix as Scripted Series

YouTube's "Philly Wonken" has shared a video, showing what a remastered version of Resident Evil 2 could look like.

The Resident Evil 2 True Ending is seen when you finish the game as the developers intended.

As a reminder, the Resident Evil 2 The 4th Survivor mode is rather hard. Those movies have the broad strokes of the Resident Evil games - there's a company called Umbrella, it make a virus that turns people into monsters, there's an outbreak, s*it gets real - but the details are all different.

"Reactions to the remake have come in thick and fast and for comparison's sake, they're mostly at same as 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War reviews".

If there's anything I learned in Resident Evil 2, it's that you don't have to take on every single enemy.

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Aleksandar Mitrovic headed home the rebound, but the offside flag was raised against the Serbian striker. I can say only "well done", but stay smart until the end.

Have a watch below, it's worth it and will certainly put you in the mood for the game's launch. Or, you know, you can just read our answers below.

First published at 6:34 a.m. PT. Updated at 8:30 a.m. PT: Adds past reports about Resident Evil TV show. It forces you to learn from your mistakes. If you don't own it, then you can purchase it from the PlayStation Store. Because, let's face it, you're going to die, or miss something absolutely crucial to your progression on a first-time-through.

Honestly, I wish they would stick closer to the games.

While the six movies were never domestic blockbusters, they always fared well at the worldwide box office. If you are looking to return to Raccoon City with Claire and Leon, you can pick up the game now over on Amazon.

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