Published: Sat, January 12, 2019
Health Care | By Edgar Pierce

New York City mayor announces $100 million health care program

New York City mayor announces $100 million health care program

New York's plan is likely to become a marker as the long-standing debate over how large a role the government should play in health care continues to evolve - with liberals now framing it as a human right.

On Thursday, de Blasio told reporters: "We have real concerns about the parole system". The program is available to anyone who does not have an affordable insurance option, de Blasio said.

'This is one universal way to reach all those folks right now who are not covered'.

Phillips stressed after the surprise announcment that this is not health insurance.

'NYC already has a public option, ' he tweeted.

It will also guarantee health care access to those ineligible for insurance, including illegal immigrants who live in NY.

Amongst the city's roughly 600,000 uninsured that will be guaranteed such care are an estimated 300,000 so-called undocumented New Yorkers - i.e., illegal aliens. Typically, the uninsured go to an emergency room to be seen.

Dividing $100 million by 600,000 people comes to about $170 per person-perhaps enough money to cover one annual wellness visit to a nurse-practitioner, assuming no lab work, prescriptions, or illnesses.

"Everyone will be assigned a primary doctor", said de Blasio.

There will be no tax hikes to fund NYC Care, which will be financed by the city's public health budget.

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According to de Blasio the annual cost of the program will be, at least, $100 million.

Indeed, NYC Care would be a mix of insurance and direct spending, and Blasio said it would take about two years to get up and running.

Rather, it involves bolstering MetroPlus for those who are eligible, and ensuring that those who can't sign up for insurance can use the city's public hospital and clinic program-NYC Health + Hospitals-for all their medical needs, including mental health and secondary services like pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, and substance abuse treatment.

And now de Blasio plans to further embrace illegal immigrants by providing them with free health care on the taxpayers' dime. We just have to keep working at it!

"We applaud Governor Newsom for building on the strong foundation of the Affordable Care Act in his first official action", Lee said in a statement.

"If we don't help people get the health care, we're going to pay plenty on the back end when people get really sick".

'There are vast savings, humanly and economically, to getting it right. "We have to make it in practice a right". It's going to save us money down the line'.

NYC Care is expected to first launch in the Bronx in summer 2019 and will be fully implemented throughout the city by 2021, according to Bloomberg.

In other words, taxes paid by New York City residents such as myself can not be used to help stem the tide of illegal immigration.

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