Published: Fri, January 18, 2019
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Kim's right-hand man due in U.S. this week

Kim's right-hand man due in U.S. this week

Moon has pursued a policy of engagement with the North, in increasing contrast to Washington, which insists pressure should be maintained on Pyongyang until it denuclearises.

A meeting could mean the two sides are nearing a compromise after months of standoff over how to move forward in ending North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes, which it conducted for years in defiance of United Nations sanctions.

Potential US corresponding action also includes exemptions from sanctions for inter-Korean business and tour ventures and opening a liaison office as a prelude to a formal launch of diplomatic relations, Seoul officials said.

But a USA official said the meeting is to take the North Koreans' temperature ahead of a second Trump-Kim summit and see if such a meeting would be productive.

Prior to Thursday's roll out of the Missile Defense Review, a senior administration official was asked specifically whether North Korea still poses a nuclear threat as Trump has previously suggested it does not.

The "enemy" terminology has been a long-running source of animosity between the Koreas.

"South Korea and China need to work together closely to ensure the momentum of the dialogue continues to grow this year".

Responding to a question about the visit at a press conference last week, Moon said he'd received a "special" letter from Kim in December explaining why he couldn't visit the South past year but saying he wanted to see the South Korean leader more often.

Moon is not alone in seeking better ties with the North.

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A North Korean envoy was headed for Washington on Thursday for expected talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a possible encounter with President Donald Trump to lay the groundwork for a second U.S.

In the latest defense document, South Korea's military said it considers unspecified "forces which threaten (South Korea)'s sovereignty, territory, citizens and property our enemy".

Kim Yong Chol met Trump during a visit to the White House in June past year. And that was only days after Trump undermined national security adviser John Bolton's claim that the United States would not withdraw troops from Syria until the Kurds' safety is assured.

"The world is changing", Trump said. The North also still forward-deploys about 70 percent of its army assets and has newly launched a special operation unit specializing in assassinations, it said.

"I don't think there has been a single variant from the core proposition, which is the fully denuclearized North Korea as verified by global experts", he said Friday.

Introducing the report, acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan noted that North Korean missiles remained a "significant concern".

Joong went on saying that it was also necessary to abandon foreign strategic weapons on its territory. "North Korea summit in 2018", the paper said. Trump called that initial letter "very nice".

Regardless, if there is any real prospect of a U.S. The worst-case scenario is that Trump will agree to withdraw USA troops from the Korean Peninsula (and blame it on the South Koreans) at his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un.

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