Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
Health Care | By Edgar Pierce

Four flu-related deaths in Medina County this season

Four flu-related deaths in Medina County this season

You and your family can get the flu shot at no cost at a military hospital or clinic, a participating network pharmacy, or from a TRICARE-authorized provider.

Public Health won't consider the flu season to be active until that threshold has been crossed for two straight weeks.

Those with flu symptoms are advised to visit their primary care doctor, a Lee Health Convenient Care, walk-in or urgent care center. "It's still low in Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and 22 of our 50 states, but that will change as the season progresses", Stephen Morse, PhD, a professor of epidemiology at the Columbia University Medical Center in NY, told Healthline.

In short, there is still time for you to get your flu shot and keep influenza at bay during this year's flu season which would be led by H1N1 influenza strain which is threatening kids and young adults more than other segments of the population. Numbers from December show 70 cases of influenza, and eight (8) hospitalizations. At this point in the 2017-2018 flu season, 46 states were reporting widespread flu activity, there were 13.7 flu hospitalizations per 100,000 people and nearly 6% of doctor's visits were related to the flu.

"The dominant virus is different from previous year, which is excellent". "In the last week or so we've started to see increases, similar to what we're seeing nationally". We stay in touch with people in these households all year long. In the last week there were 16 hospitalizations, bringing the season's total to 53. "Influenza is always unsafe", Schaffner said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the current vaccine includes a good match for the circulating H1N1 virus and two other flu strains.

The CDC recommends annual influenza vaccinations for everyone age 6 months or older.

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Individuals who are at the highest risk for experiencing complications of influenza include children under 2 and adults over 65.

The timing of seasonal flu outbreaks vary and can begin as early as late October. "If you have not been vaccinated yet this season, you can still get your flu shot now".

"That's likely to happen next week", Melnick said. "This is called 'herd immunity, '" he explained. "Patients should get vaccinated as soon as possible after the vaccine is available, and ideally prior to peak activity".

"Complacency worries me most of all. So what we like to say, 'It's really not all about you'". Those with egg allergies should consult with their physician before getting this vaccine however.

Doctors say it could get worse.

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