Published: Sat, January 19, 2019
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Divers Discovered an Enormous Great White Shark Off the Coast of Hawaii

Divers Discovered an Enormous Great White Shark Off the Coast of Hawaii

It was drawn to the water around Hawaii for what one diver described as an "all you can eat buffet" - to feed on a dead sperm whale. It's really breathtaking. They are really cautious and calculated.

Dr. Melanie Hutchinson, a shark researcher for the University of Hawaii, told KOHN2 that the prehistoric species has been a frequent visitor to Hawaii since ancient times.

Video shot by the photographer Kimberly Jeffries and posted on Facebook shows a different great white feeding on the dead sperm whale before Deep Blue arrived.

'She was very calm and not at all nervous and was circling us.

Ramsey said she has been pushing for a bill that would ban the killing of sharks and rays in Hawaii for several years, and hopes this year the measure will actually become law. "We went out at sunrise, and she stayed with us pretty much throughout the day". "There were two rough-tooth dolphins escorting her, nudging on her fins, twirling around her nose", she said. "That is why there are so few mistaken identity bites", she said. "These guys wouldn't leave her alone - they were having so much fun". Again, I work in the water with sharks all day everyday. And why would everybody be excited about this particular great white? Awesome experience I'm jealous!

But since these latest images hit the internet, the shark's new feeding ground is attracting amateurs who want to get up close and personal to the great white.

"I was trained to maintain space while also recording and observing her behaviour". Ramsey says that she specifically studied animal behavior and shark body language.

Deep Blue - which is 6.4 metres long and about 50 years old - surprised a group who were looking for tiger sharks 14km off the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

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While most people would be terrified to come close to a shark that big, Ramsey was at peace with the moment.

"[I was] comfortable but not complacent because they are apex predators. But she is literally the most gentle kind of grandma great white I have ever met".

"I do have concerns for people just jumping in the water". Terrified of sharks. He was like, "I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks".

And it wasn't just any great white.

During the same interview, Ramsey said that it was her parents' love of the ocean that led to her career choice and decision to get a degree in marine biology.

"More than 99 per cent of sharks are not unsafe".

In her video of the encounter posted on Instagram, Ms Ramsey is seen touching the beast, something that is often criticised but she wrote that sharks sometimes "seek touch".

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