Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
Money | By Arnold Ball

Delayed tax refunds? Prolonged partial government shutdown causes concern

Delayed tax refunds? Prolonged partial government shutdown causes concern

He said he's already had clients asking how the shutdown will impact their tax returns and when they should file their taxes.

The federal government remains partially shut down as President Donald Trump refuses to sign a spending deal that doesn't include $5 billion for his wall at the US-Mexico border.

The IRS is now working under non-filing season shutdown plans and will be updating it ahead of the upcoming tax season as soon as Friday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

If consumers haven't received tax forms by mid-February, they are advised to contact your employer and request a copy or ask that it be resent, according to the IRS. You get in line to get that refund issued.

If the shutdown is resolved within a few weeks, it may not affect tax payers.

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During the shutdown, the IRS has lost funding and is operating with about 12% of its employees, according to Rubin. So, yes, one would think by March, tax season, refunds and tax money would be starting to flow into our economy.

Each year on April 15, tax procrastinators frantically gather paperwork and file their returns before the deadline.

Normally during the first week of January, Kendria Angrand from Liberty Tax Service in Stroud Township starts taking calls from people asking if the place is open. The government will take your money but it can't do refunds during a shutdown.

One group that could be affected: those still waiting on tax refunds from before 2018. While the document notes the plan can be reassessed and furloughed employees can be recalled, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday and CNN reported Thursday that the IRS generally does not issue refunds during a shutdown. That work is likely to be stalled by a shutdown.

The tax refund is the single largest financial event of the year for many people, especially who count on large refunds to pay down debt, catch up on bills, or make major purchases.

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