Published: Sat, December 29, 2018
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Pelosi Spending Shutdown in Hawaii

Pelosi Spending Shutdown in Hawaii

The proposed border wall is one of the measures that the president wants to use to curtail the flow of illegal immigration into the US, which studies have shown cost American taxpayers over $100 billion per year.

"We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall", Trump tweeted.

The US government partial shutdown was set to stretch deep into next week after legislators failed Thursday to make a breakthrough in the row over Trump's demand for a wall along the southern US border.

With "non-essential" operations at numerous agencies shut down for lack of funding and Congress adjourned until next week, Trump was in the White House firing off angry tweets.

The shutdown is forcing hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors to stay home or work without pay.

But one plan that won't be stopped by the president's canceled trip is that of a man who aims to transform his well-known Trump "Rat Truck" into a Trump "Rat Boat", which he then intends to cruise up and down the waterways bordering Trump's exclusive Florida club dubbed the Winter White House.

He blasted Democrats, including Senate leader Chuck Schumer, for supporting border security measures - including a wall - in 2006 and 2011 before abandoning the position when President Trump took office.

A spokesman for U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Thursday that Republicans and Democrats were still very far apart in efforts to resolve the partial government shutdown, which started on Saturday.

Horowitz: Mattis Resignation on Principle Sounds Clarion Call
Graham said that the United States could reduce, but not completely pull out, troops from Syria and "partner" with Turkey. Jim Mattis has "no anger" after Trump forced him out early, Mattis' brother has revealed.

Mulvaney said Democrats are no longer negotiating with the administration over an earlier offer to accept less than the $5 billion Trump wants for the wall.

He then argued that Pelosi was cornered into her position by her own need to prevail on the House floor January 3 when she must stand for speaker.

This, of course, came in tandem with numerous anti-Democrat, pro-wall tweets about how much the United States "looses [sic]" in trade with Mexico and how little positive press he receives from said "Fake News" outlets.

"We are always seeking a good relationship with the United States".

Trump vowed Tuesday he would not re-open the government until he gets the $5 billion needed to fund his border wall.

Opponents - especially in the Democratic party but also some in Trump's Republican party - say that a physical wall is impractical and that the idea is being used as a political tool to whip up xenophobia in Trump's right-wing voter base.

Pelosi slammed Trump on Twitter during the Christmas holiday, claiming his holding out to get border funding is harming Americans.

Trump also said the USA would cut off all aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador for "taking advantage of (the) US for years!"

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