Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
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Google May Be Shutting Down Hangouts For Consumers Sometime In 2020

Google May Be Shutting Down Hangouts For Consumers Sometime In 2020

The news of Hangouts impending closure comes courtesy of 9to5Google which cites a source "familiar with the product's internal roadmap". Also, Chat and Meet are both enterprise-focused services that require G Suite accounts. The chat app was launched back in 2013, itself a replacement to three different messaging products which Google had been operating.

Although Hangout is not something as popular as WhatsApp, or even Facebook Messenger, it integrates with Gmail and hence used by a lot of particular, it is a handy tool for workplaces where Gmail is often in use.

According to the report, Google Hangouts will be shut down for consumers in 2020. Google's reputation for creating services and not really knowing what they plan for them - the equivalent of throwing up application "thought bubbles" - can be really frustrating for users.

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Contrary to reports by 9to5Google, Google's real-time chat service, Hangouts for consumers will be shutting down for good sometime in the future and not 2020, reports Android Police. Instead, Hangouts users will be transitioned to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. However, given the neglect that Hangouts itself has experienced for a couple of years, one wonders how committed Google actually are to maintaining that core experience for rusted-on users. RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and Google has been keen on making it the default service for its messages across platforms. Hangouts Chat offers group-chat functionality similar to Slack, Hangouts Meet video conferencing. Google unveiled a new strategy for Hangouts in 2017 when it launched the two messaging applications Allo and Duo.

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