Published: Fri, December 14, 2018
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

Drake Appears To Respond To Kanye West's Twitter Rant

Drake Appears To Respond To Kanye West's Twitter Rant

The tweets were apparently inspired by a recent request from Drake's camp to approve the sampling of Kanye's song "Say You Will", over which Drake rapped on his early mixtape song "Say What's Real", which is now not available on Apple Music or Spotify.

The pair have a complicated relationship that reached its lowest ebb when accusations flew on Twitter following Drake reportedly asking the All of the Lights hitmaker for clearance to use a song. He also took umbrage with Drake "sending him purple emojis when I'm dealing with mental shit". Kanye West started his rant late Thursday afternoon saying that he been trying to get Drake to have a sit down with him and now the Toronto rapper is sneak dissing him on Travis Scott's record. Ye claims he spoke to Drake on the phone and refused to clear the sample.

And then, "So Drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect". So cut the tough talk, ' wrote Kanye. I got a family and kids. 69 is locked up xxx is dead.

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He then went on to remind Drake that he was in fact not the one who informed Pusha T about Drake's low-profile son.

Earlier in the evening, West tweeted that "you are disrespectful to all people with mental health conditions so this is an opportunity for growth". "Been trying to meet with you for 6 months bro". Kanye specifically pointed to "When [Kid] Cudi was in the hospital he sent shots" and "When I go through shit he fucks with me and I'm his idol". And it looks like he may have gotten what he wanted - just minutes after those initial tweets, Kanye wrote, "Drake finally called. I'm your oxygen", adding, "There would never be a Drake without a Kanye West so never come out your mouth with a threat". Instead, "I'm up for talking".

Buried between charges of culpability and allegations of bullying, Ye also maintained his position in the Pusha-T situation and restated that he has never done anything to intentionally hurt Drake. Do you wanna clear?'

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