Published: Mon, December 31, 2018
Technology | By Nina Perez

Citigroup: iPhone sales are still down - to cut down production

Citigroup: iPhone sales are still down - to cut down production

Apple's most affordable handset this year did not only win the favor of iPhone 8 and iPhone X owners, but it also managed to attract hordes of Android switchers during its first month of availability, a research report has revealed. It still remains to be seen whether less expensive iPhone X models will be the tipping point, however, by building the phones in India, Apple is at least doing everything it can to set itself up to try. The most well-known Apple phone in the nation is the determinedly dated iPhone 6, and while the organization is absolutely trying to boost sales of its costly (and more profitable) new phones, it's as yet going to be a daunting struggle to break into the market. This price may go down to $1000 Dollars once Foxconn starts making iPhones in India.

The report found that Apple's iPhone XR is leading the campaign.

We heard several times in the past that Apple will start assembling its iPhones model in India but this never happened until today. The investment could create up to 25,000 jobs, Mr. Sampath said. Moving iPhone production to India mitigates that risk and also helps Apple improve its relations in the critically important Indian market where the middle class is soaring and import taxes on products companies want to sell there are still quite high.

No doubt, Apple is seeing a decline in its overall sales volumes across the world.

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Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) is the organization that did the study and according to it, the iPhone XR sold as much as 32% of all iPhones sold in the United States in a particular period in October 2018, just about a month after the release of the device.

According to a Wall Street Journal report in November, Apple cut production orders for all three iPhone models launched in September. "Part of this belief was based on the company's size and ability to both negotiate pricing and terms with its manufacturers and move its manufacturing out of China", Mr Forte wrote.

Foxconn has previously admitted the China-U.S. trade spat was its biggest challenge and that its senior executives were making plans to counter the impact.

The brokerage lowered its forecast for the number of units produced in the first quarter of iPhone XS Max, which starts at US$1,099, by 48 per cent.

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