Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
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Key Questions The 2018 Election Will Answer

Key Questions The 2018 Election Will Answer

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United States voters go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, to take part in midterm elections that will help define the remaining two years of President Donald Trump's first term in office.

Talbert said she was glad that Manchin was the sole Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh, but that it didn't persuade her to vote for him.

To take control of the legislative agenda and block Trump's ability to implement his programs, the Democratic party needs to control both houses.

"As someone who voted with President Trump 62 percent of the time a year ago and has worked to bring folks on both sides of the political aisle together, I'm happy to have President Trump and Vice President Pence back in Indiana".

In the House, Democrats need to pick up at least 23 Republican seats to wrest control away from the GOP.

"America is booming. Republicans passed a massive tax cut for working families and we will soon follow it up with another 10 percent tax cut for the middle class", Trump said, standing in a Belgrade, Montana, airfield with Air Force One as a backdrop.

The Trump ally and veteran GOP dirty trickster made that case in a CNN interview the other day.

Mr O'Rourke, 46, whose given names are Mr Robert Francis but who goes by Beto, is mounting a suprisingly strong challenge to the 47-year-old Mr Cruz in the reliably Republican "Lone Star State".

Democrats are also concerned that young people, who polls show disapprove of Trump and his party by huge margins, may stay home (as they usually do in midterm elections) despite the surge of activism among young people after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. "We don't want that".

In the closing weeks of the midterms, Trump has unleashed a no-holds-barred effort to boost Republicans as he dipped into the same undercurrents of unease that defined his 2016 campaign. A Democratic Congress means more crime and less jobs, very simple. "We choose hope over fear, we choose unity over division, we choose our allies over our enemies and we choose truth over lies".

White House Hints At Easing Of Iran Sanctions For 'Friends And Allies'
During the summer, however, Iranian oil sales to India averaged much higher, topping out at a record 768,000 bpd during July. India has held several rounds of conversations with the US, Iran and and other stakeholders on the issue.

Condemned as racist, it was used in 1988 against Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, who supported the furlough programme when he was governor of MA.

The calls impersonated media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who earlier this week campaigned with Abrams, and also featured anti-Semitic language, according to audio of the call heard by Reuters. "I think it's just an ad where somebody is a bad guy, came in illegally, twice, and we can't do that".

Obama and Trump were offering competing visions for the country in a split screen of campaigning on Sunday, seeking to galvanize voter turnout in the fight to control Congress and governors' mansions.

The president's re-election campaign released a new ad Friday that borrows liberally from an expletive-filled, anti-immigration video that was denounced as racist.

As of Friday night, nearly 32.4 million people had cast ballots early across the United States, according to The Election Project at the University of Florida, which tracks turnout.

Republican Strategist and TV news personality Ford O'Connell, however, said that while historical precedent is in Democrats' favor, "the only question here is whether the Republicans in the House can minimize their losses and hold onto the House by a sliver".

In North Dakota - which Mr Trump won by 36 points in 2016 - Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, 63, is fighting for her political survival against Republican Kevin Cramer.

Trump flew to West Virginia and IN for campaign rallies, with more planned on the weekend and Monday.

Trump then heads to neighboring Tennessee to campaign for Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, who polls say has edged ahead of Democrat Phil Bredesen, a former governor, in their contest for an open Senate seat. Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker, a Trump ally and a vociferous critic of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, have been desperately trying to convince voters they won't eliminate Obamacare's protection for people with pre-existing conditions.

"I recently announced that we are replacing the disgusting NAFTA deal, one of the worst trade deals, with an incredible, brand-new US-Mexico-Canada agreement".

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