Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

Hulk Hogan set for controversial WWE return

Hulk Hogan set for controversial WWE return

As we look back, though, the news of Hogan's return was seemingly confirmed a little over a week ago.

Hogan stormed the ring at the "Crown Jewel" pay-per-view event in Riyadh on Friday wearing his signature bandana and a Hulkamania shirt - with his red and yellow boa.

The event is surrounded by controversy after the WWE chose to go forward with it despite an American resident and Washington Post journalist being murdered earlier this month at Saudi Arabia's consulate in Turkey.

As we previously reported, Hulk is the host of Crown Jewel and the event began with "Real American" blaring over the speaker as the re-instated Hall of Famer made his entrance.

Even wrestling fans are vocally denouncing the show.

Hogan was immediately scrubbed from WWE's website and television programming in the wake of the scandal, but the company has gradually eased its restrictions on Hogan over the years.

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WWE fired Hogan and removed him from its Hall of Fame after audio surfaced of a racist rant of Hogan using vulgar language on a sex tape while talking about his daughter's boyfriend.

The WWE star appeared on Raw on Wednesday night, looking much skinnier than usual.

You can also follow all the action in Express Sport's WWE Crown Jewel results page.

Hulk Hogan's return to the WWE was going to be controversial no matter what, but this takes things to another level.

Bigger! Badder! And usually with an event logo connecting the event to its host city, like the NY skyline or the fleur-de-lis for New Orleans incorporated into recent WrestleMania designs. In a mid-October episode of his HBO show, John Oliver accused WWE of giving legitimacy to Saudi Arabia's "wall-to-wall propaganda" and willfully ignoring the kingdom's human rights abuses. That 10-year deal, which is part of the Saudis' "Vision 2030" project, reportedly will net the WWE more than $400 million.

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