Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
Technology | By Nina Perez

Apple foldable iPad? No, just an easily bendable iPad Pro

Apple foldable iPad? No, just an easily bendable iPad Pro

Apple's new iPad Pro is probably the best tablet in the market right now but it seems like Apple has sacrificed construction quality in the pursuit of thinness.

OtterBox Defender Series offers rugged protection for 2018 iPad Pro. It's unclear at this point why the iPad Pro misses the mark when it comes to toughness and stability, and Apple hasn't released any sort of statement or response in regard to the video.

A new video from JerryRigEverything (embedded below) puts the new iPad Pro to the ultimate abuse test.

It's even better with Apple Pencil.

The other major qualm is lack of proper USB support, for example, for being able to transfer files to external storage devices, but also support for connecting to printers and scanners. Earlier, Filip Koroy of popular YouTube channel EverythingApplePro showed how fragile the new iPad Pros are when dropped from waist height.

The video does raise the question on how well the iPad Pro (2018) will hold if it is carried around in a backpack or if someone accidentally sits on it.

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Most reviewers are big fans of the iPad Pro and say its performance is comparable to a laptop-it certainly costs as much as some high-end models.

Think the iPhone is expensive?

Apple's iPad exploded into the consumer tech market in April of 2010, months ahead of the first Android-powered tablet, and since then the company has sold some 400 million units. This doesn't mean people should not buy the new iPad Pro, but it does mean that they will need to take extremely good care of it.

Apple could go in an entirely new direction for 2018.

It would be surprising if Apple gave substantial direct discounts.

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