Published: Fri, October 12, 2018
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

'TRUMP ON HERO'S JOURNEY': Kanye West's free-style riffs dominate Oval Office

'TRUMP ON HERO'S JOURNEY': Kanye West's free-style riffs dominate Oval Office

And the 41-year-old made sure he dressed appropriately for the meeting, opting for the President's favourite Make America Great Again cap.

It was a surreal scene even by the standards of a nonconventional White House.

But West, who's from Chicago, tells Trump that this strategy is detrimental.

Then, according to Jenkins, West announced he made a hat for Trump that says "Make America Great" sans the "again" - and that Trump wore it.

During the 10-minute rambling address, West dropped the "f-bomb" and complained he had been pressured to stop wearing his red "Make America Great Again" hat.

"Really the reason why they imprisoned him was because he started doing positive for the community, he started showing that he had power, that he wasn't one of a monolithic voice, that he could wrap people around", West said. "Meanwhile, we have ten to 13 billion dollars worth of damage to the various places in the panhandle in Florida and meanwhile the president is being entertained by Kanye West and other celebrities".

West also used the opportunity to applaud Mr Trump's efforts with North Korea and said he liked the country.

West also said he had been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, despite previously revealing he had been treated for the condition and even referencing it on his latest album.

Rapper Kanye West met Thursday with Donald Trump, telling the President in an Oval Office meeting before reporters why he supports the Republican. "And there are many other people like that". "He gets it", before adding he "could very well be" a future presidential candidate".

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"I tell you what, that was pretty impressive", Trump said.

It's official: Kanye West has a awful iPhone passcode.

"You made a Superman - that's my favourite superhero - you made a Superman cape for me". And also, I'm married to a family that, you know, not a lot of male energy going on.

Earlier Thursday, Trump told "Fox and Friends" Thursday that West is "a different kind of guy and that's OK with me".

West asked Trump to pardon Larry Hoover, the alleged founder of a notorious Chicago street gang who's serving six life sentences in a federal supermax prison in Colorado.

His statement lasted almost 10 minutes before the president chimed in to compliment West on his honesty.

"Trump is on his hero's journey right now", West said, tossing out an expletive to describe himself.

"We have to stop pretending... like this is normal", Lemon said.

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