Published: Wed, October 31, 2018
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Donald Trump threatens to sign executive order ending birthright citizenship

Donald Trump threatens to sign executive order ending birthright citizenship

Trump stated his disapproval of the current system that allows children born to noncitizen parents while on American soil to be granted citizenship.

For too long our country's immigration policies have been an abject disaster, mostly because enforcement of them has been hit-and-miss from one administration to the next.

What does the end of birthright citizenship mean? That depends on who you ask.

Trump said in an interview with the cable television news program "Axios on HBO" that he plans to terminate, by executive order, the current USA policy allowing birthright citizenship. And it's highly questionable whether an act of Congress could do it, either. The president argues "birthright citizenship" should not apply to babies of parents in the United States illegally.

Constitutional scholars are questioning whether changes could be made without Congress. "It's ridiculous. And it has to end".

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says the president's idea is worth considering.

The president's top advisers haven't publicly gone as far as the president's claim that birthright citizenship is not covered by the 14th Amendment. Both Democrats and Republicans have introduced legislation at various points aimed at narrowing the application of the Citizenship Clause. "That incentivizes illegal immigration". No sane country would do that, right?

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Speaking on United States television in an exclusive interview for news documentary series Axios on HBO, the President is said to be launching a crackdown on "anchor babies" and "chain migration". "It'll happen", he told Axios, "with an executive order".

Swan: "Exactly, right. Have you thought about that".

As Trump considers an executive action to curtail what he terms "so-called Birthright Citizenship", he tweets that "It is not covered by the 14th Amendment". "Guess what? You don't", he told Axios.

Wong says she will tell her clients not to worry about the proposal, which she calls a "rumor" and to make sure that they always follow the law.

President Trump did not give a timeline for when he plans to sign an executive order, but said that he is speaking with counsel and it is "in the process". "This is just more of the same of what he's been saying", she said, referring to Trump's remarks on the migrant caravan making its way toward the US through Mexico and the separation of migrant families.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told a Kentucky radio station on Tuesday that "you can not end birthright citizenship with an executive order", remarks that come after President Donald Trump said that he has thought about trying to do just that. "It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous and it has to end".

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