Published: Sun, October 28, 2018
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China and Japan forge historic pact on denuclearisation in Korean Peninsula

China and Japan forge historic pact on denuclearisation in Korean Peninsula

The foreign secretary said both sides will deliberate on defence cooperation and that talks on a mutual logistic support pact between the two navies may start. "It was not a smooth ride".

Abe is the first Japanese Prime Minister to make an official visit to Beijing in 7 years amid thawing relations between the two countries.

In April, Trump tweeted that Japan had "hit us hard on trade for years".

Experts here also pointed out that the improvement of ties between the two countries is particularly significant under the current circumstances with rising trade protectionism in the world.

RCEP is a free-trade agreement proposed by China with South-East Asia and various countries on the Pacific Rim, including Japan.

Gokhale said one of the areas forming a part of this discussion will be how India and Japan can collaborate in the context of the Indo-Pacific in Asia and in Africa and on capacity building and on infrastructure projects in a trilateral format - India, Japan plus one.

"With President Xi Jinping, I would like to carve out a new era for China and Japan", Abe said.

The two sides are seeking to boost economic ties and regional stability including North Korea.

Speaking to reporters afterward, Li said 500 business agreements worth $18 billion had been signed between Chinese and Japanese companies during the visit, displaying the "bright future" for cooperation between the sides.

The Trump administration's unconventional foreign policy toward trade and military alliances has left Tokyo feeling unsure of the United States support which has underlined its global relations since the end of World War II.

17 people have been killed after train derails in Taiwan: Railway administration
Hundreds of rescuers and military personnel worked through the wreckage with spotlights on Sunday night in search of survivors. And in March 2003, a train derailed near a popular mountain resort, killing 17 people and hurting more than 100 people.

Japanese firms including auto companies like Toyota hope to see normalized ties with China so they can compete with USA and European rivals, while Beijing expects Tokyo's endorsement of its ambitious Belt and Road program, an initiative that Xi hopes will further boost trade and transport links with other countries.

"We need to have constructive ways to eliminate any kind of friction or conflict between the two countries", Li said. The neighbors also agreed to discuss establishing a clearing bank for offshore yuan and cooperation between Japan's Financial Services Agency and the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

The Japanese leader, who leaves China on Saturday, will also hold additional talks with Li.

Indeed Mr Abe's visit shows the relationship is on the mend after territorial disputes and a disastrous falling out in 2012 over islands in the East China Sea. President Xi Jinping reciprocated Abe's gesture by refraining from criticizing Japan at the Nanjing Massacre commemorative events in December 2017.

Both nations responded by increasing their military deployment in the disputed waters.

But the growing rapprochement between the two countries doesn't mean all issues between Tokyo and Beijing have been resolved, nor is it guaranteed to last.

The comment comes amid an escalating trade war between China and the United States, and President Donald Trump's increasingly protectionist stance.

It was unclear, what specific rights issues Abe raised.

In a speech to a business forum on Friday, Abe harked back to Japan's role in providing aid and private sector investment from the 1980s that helped turn China into an economic powerhouse.

China and Japan commemorated the 40 years to the treaty of peace and friendship between the two countries. On the basis of relations of trust with President Vladimir Putin we will solve the territorial issue and conclude a peace Treaty with Russian Federation.

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