Published: Mon, October 29, 2018
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Afghans risk their lives to vote in delayed Kandahar poll

Afghans risk their lives to vote in delayed Kandahar poll

More than 500,000 voters are expected to vote in peril of their lives in the province of Kandahar, the largest in the country and the birthplace of the taliban.

The province's powerful provincial police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq, was killed, as well as at least another provincial official and several policemen.

In a statement, the Islamic State group said "martyrdom-seeker, Abu Usama al-Badkhishi" exploded his vest near two Afghan security vehicles and a van carrying commission employees.

People attend a burial ceremony of General Abdul Razeq, the Kandahar police commander, who was killed in yesterday's attack, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan October 19, 2018.

Some 173 polling stations opened throughout the region, although voting was suspended in the districts of Maruf and Nesh owing to a lack of security.

The election commission has also said that 567,000 people have registered to vote in Kandahar.

Stakes are high for Afghans hoping to overhaul Parliament, challenge the dominance of warlords and the politically corrupt and replace them with a younger, more educated generation of politicians.

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Hottak said the auto bomb detonated in the provincial capital of Maidan Shahr as two busloads of mechanics arrived at the gate to begin their day's work.

Six bodies and 31 wounded had been taken to hospitals in the city, health director Salim Asgharkhil said.

No group has claimed responsibility for the blast yet.

Residents said some polling stations opened late and voter material also only arrived late at some centers.

Afghanistan's parliamentary elections were held against a backdrop of violence, with a multitude of attacks killing at least 36 people.

Independent Election Commission deputy spokesman Aziz Ibrahimi said voting was to start at 7 am.

Ghazni elections were delayed for an as yet indefinite period due to disagreements over constituencies and security issues.

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