Published: Tue, September 25, 2018
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Trump says second North Korea summit ‘quite soon’

Trump says second North Korea summit ‘quite soon’

"[Kim] said he hoped Mike Pompeo would visit North Korea soon, and also a second summit with Trump would take place in the near future, in order to move the denuclearisation process along quickly", Mr Moon said. The on-again, off-again talks between North Korea and the United States are officially back on.

"It's always been surprising to me that more things aren't resolved", Trump said in a weekend video message, "because you have all of these countries getting together in one location but it doesn't seem to get there".

Trump's remarks marked a sharp shift since a year ago, when he used his maiden speech at the United Nations to warn North Korea over its nuclear program and said Kim was on a "suicide mission".

Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters in a preview of Trump's visit, that the president's focus "will be very much on the United States", its role and the relations it wants to build. I think that President Moon and myself are very happy. In both venues, US officials say, he is expected to offer a contrast between the path of negotiation chosen by North Korea and that of Iran.

Moon said: "I'm hopeful that this will provide us with a platform, upon which our bilateral economic ties will be elevated to a higher level, in a freer, fairer and more mutually beneficial direction".

Moon claimed that Kim's stated wish to "denuclearise the Korean peninsula" meant that Pyongyang's decision "to relinquish its nuclear programme has been officialized to a degree that not even those within North Korea can reverse".

Trump says he's president of the United States, not the world.

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"We've been at this the other way an awfully long time and failed", he said, adding: "We tried to do details".

Presidents Moon and Trump also put pen to paper on their revised free trade deal on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

But while some world leaders are still reeling from Trump's deference to Putin in their summer Helsinki summit, there will not be an encore in New York: The Russian president is not expected to attend the proceedings.

President Donald Trump is at the United Nations for his second general assembly meeting with world leaders since taking office and has participated in a counter-narcotics event.

And President Trump, . also pledging to meet with the North Korean leader very soon. He's calling for global action to address the illegal movement and abuse of drugs.

Trump earlier this year bucked allies and removed the US from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, citing Iran's malign influence in the region and support for terrorist groups like Hezbollah. The softer tone toward North Korea - once threatened with "fire and fury" - has been replaced by rosy optimism, with Trump reserving tough rhetoric for another potential nuclear aspirant and strategic foe: Iran.

The U.S. and South Korean presidents signed an update to an existing U.S.

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