Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
Technology | By Nina Perez

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in woman's purse

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in woman's purse

She alleged that she heard whistling and screeching sound, followed by thick smoke coming out from her purse.

She dropped the phone, "started smashing elevator buttons", and kicked the phone out of the elevator.

The lawsuit states that Chung was using her phone earlier this month in an elevator when it suddenly "became extremely hot". The suit then claims that a "good Samaritan" noticed the burning phone and doused it into a bucket of water, ending the ordeal.

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 fiasco is something Samsung has tried to put behind it.

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Battery woes seem to back to haunt Samsung. The latter recall was required after it was found that there were close to 100 cases of Note 7 units catching fire in the US alone, as noted by Wired. The company released a public apology for the same and stopped producing and supplying the Note 7.

With this being the tenth phone in the Galaxy S line, Samsung will doubtlessly want to introduce something that isn't visually identical to the S9. However, this time around, they placed a much smaller battery with a capacity of 3300mAh. For owners of all phones with lithium-ion batteries, be careful with your devices while charging (avoid cheap third-party chargers!), don't leave them in hot cars in the summer and especially don't charge your phone under your pillow or next to your bed. We're talking about Samsung's latest flagship phablet: the highly rated Galaxy Note 9, which just went on sale last month.

According to SamMobile, confirmation has come from the CEO of Samsung's mobile division DJ Koh, who told Chinese media this week that the changes to the new device would be "very significant", offer "amazing" colours and have an update that would please consumers. The issue was disastrous for the company, so it will no doubt be displeased to see a lawsuit alleging that a Galaxy Note 9, the most recent version of the large-screened device, has also ignited.

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