Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
Technology | By Nina Perez

New iPhone Rumors - Here's What We Know So Far

New iPhone Rumors - Here's What We Know So Far

The 5.8-inch OLED panel on the iPhone Xs makes it almost identical to that of the iPhone X. That said, we can expect the former to have a marginally smaller footprint due to the presence of even minimal bezels on all its four sides. Among the three rumoured iPhone handsets, the one with the 6.1-inch LCD screen is being talked about more.

The iPhone XS Max is allegedly going to be the 6.5 inch OLED version, with a starting price of $999, in comparison to the 5.8 inch iPhone XS which is supposedly going to be priced at $799.

Throughout the latter part of the year, analysts have been predicting an aggressive pricing strategy from Apple for all of its 2018 iPhone models. The "Max" will seemingly refer to the maximum amount of screen real estate you'll get, considering leaks suggest that under the hood this model won't deviate from the iPhone XS. And with just another week to go for the launch, rumours and leaks about the upcoming iPhones are flooding the internet.

The software experience will therefore be identical, aside from perhaps a few additional features on the iPhone XS and XS Plus models.

Dummy versions of Apple's three new phones have been seen across the internet, and have even ended up in the hands of Apple news sites like MacRumours. The 6.1-inch iPhone is expected to be built out of aluminium, instead of stainless steel which will be used with the other two.

However, it will surely come with revamped internals and an improved camera system. We are talking about white, blue red, orange, and even gray.

Pricing The two iPhone models that reportedly use an OLED display will be priced at the high end, with the less expensive LCD display model priced more affordably. In the U.S., the prices are likely to be much less but will breach $1000 mark for bigger storage models. You may have seen the invite Apple sent last week, asking members of the press to "gather round". But what do we know about them? This is in line with the price of the iPhone 8 that was launched past year.

Apple expected to unveil new iPhones on September 12
Apple typically starts selling new iPhones a few weeks after launching them, in time for the holiday shopping season. The story appeared this afternoon, alongside a reported exclusive look at the next, larger, iPhone XS.

Apple is likely to continue with the standard screen sizes for iPad, i.e., 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches.

The 2018 event is following in last year's footsteps: The Steve Jobs Theater at the company's Apple Park campus in Cupertino will be the venue, and CNET will have a group of veteran Apple watchers on the scene, backed up by dozens more around the world.

It is assumed these prices are for the baseline models of each model specified. Furthermore, the publication has shared images of how different apps and watch faces will look on the Apple Watch Series 4, compared to how it now looks on the Apple Watch Series 3.

The increased resolution will allow the watch to feature more content.

A new watch face will also mean newer interactions from the home screen.

The information, which was confirmed by people familiar with the marking plans of Apple, replaces the long-standing "Plus" moniker with "Max", though the reason behind it remains unclear.

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