Published: Sat, September 01, 2018
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Former EastEnders actor claims Roxanne Pallett accused HIM of hitting her

Former EastEnders actor claims Roxanne Pallett accused HIM of hitting her

The trailer shows her housemates left deliberating on who to side with, as she claims that Ryan, 34, punched her repeatedly with the intention of causing harm, whilst he insists that it was just playful nudging.

Former Emmerdale star Roxanne has now spoken out on her depature.

She said: "Ouch that hurt, I was going to wash your clothes but I might shrink them now". I have never felt an impact and a repetition of fists going into my ribs, in my life'.

'She has now been reunited with her fiancé and family and thanks everyone for their support during her time in the show'.

Roxanne has demanded Big Brother to kick Ryan out of the house, however they stated that the situation had been dealt with and that Roxanne was safe in the house.

Celebrity Big Brother's latest evictee Ben Jardine has reacted to Roxanne Pallet's departure from the house - and defended their close relationship in the house.

He exclaimed: "What. she's left? I am sorry and I understand", Thomas said. Pallett then, as fans of the show pointed out, holds her right side as if in pain even though Thomas tapped her on the left side.

They agreed to sort out their differences and shook hands.

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The newly evicted Celebrity Big Brother contestant was reportedly told about Roxanne walking out of the house during the interview - and appeared to be stunned by the news. Her Wikipedia page has also been vandalised.

Others criticised Roxanne for "belittling actual victims" of domestic abuse and for a trying to "ruin" Thomas' career.

"Please show the housemates the clip".

Thomas, who was given a formal warning by Big Brother, said there was no "malice" in it and that he was showing his affection.

But Married at First Sight's Ben admitted he was a "little bit gutted" after seeing footage of what happened in the house - and felt he had been played by the actress. I just don't get it. I don't want this to be our ending, I don't want this to be your ending, I don't want this to be my ending. "That's not what I got told".

The reason for Roxanne's seemingly unreasonable reaction to Thomas's playfighting could lie in her allegedly traumatic previous relationship.

A few weeks later, she revealed she had become engaged to her partner Lee Walton after one week of dating.

"Ow!" she squeals. "Woman beater".

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