Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Early Meteorite Is Salvaged From Fire at Brazil's National Museum

Early Meteorite Is Salvaged From Fire at Brazil's National Museum

"This fire is what Brazilian politicians are doing to the people", said Rosana Hollanda, a 35-year-old high school teacher, who was crying at the gates of the museum on Monday. The oldest scientific institution of Brazil, the museum has been one of the largest and renowned ones in the entire Latin America.

Marcus Guidoti, a Brazilian entomologist and former researcher at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, says it is likely that about a quarter of the Brazilian lace bug holotypes, or unique specimens used to describe a species, were lost in the fire. Some parts of the collection were stored at other sites.

After the fire, the Brazilian authorities made a decision to allocate 25 million reais (about 6.1 million USA dollars) to ensure museums in the country security, including fire.

In an age when major European museums can put up lavishly funded satellites in diversified continents, the woes of the Nationwide Museum provide a reminder that many extra countries are dwelling to equally wondrous treasures but lack the sources to safeguard them - and to lend a hand their populations cherish their significance.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation but many have already pointed fingers at the years of government neglect that left the facilities unsafe and underfunded.

With so little money and no way to modernize the building-which was built in 1803-the museum's curators feared for their exhibits.

(Ricardo Moraes) There had been no accidents reported after a colossal fire gutted Rio de Janeiro's Nationwide Museum on Sunday, however the toll became peaceable giant. Duarte said he was in the habit of unplugging everything in his office at night because of the risk.

I spent some time thinking about the treasures that lay inside that museum and the concept in general. The building was once home to the royal family, and the museum's collection included pieces that belonged to them. But the most important collections, the invertebrate specimens, are completely destroyed.

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A tragedy such as the fire means that years of Latin American cultural history are lost for good. Police attacked the students with pepper spray, tear gas and stun grenades.

"They're also really important they represent how all of northwest coastart has circulated around the world, even at such an early time", she said.

Signs of disrepair were evident: The fencing was dilapidated, stonework was cracked and lawns appeared untended. Museu Nacional Rio de Janeiro represents a collection 200 years in the making, and lifetimes of research brought to a halt. However, over the last three years it has received 60 percent or less of this amount. Officials have said it was well known that the building was vulnerable to fire and in need of extensive fix.

"Look at the irony".

"Just crying doesn't solve anything", Alexander Kellner, the museum's director, told reporters at the scene. French President Emmanuel Macron offered in a tweet to send experts to help rebuild the museum.

"This is a tragic day for Brazil", Temer said in a statement.

Firefighters initially struggled to contain the flames because the hydrants closest to the museum did not work. Instead, trucks had to gather water from a nearby lake.

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