Published: Wed, September 05, 2018
Sport | By Joe Gonzales

Donald Trump & The NFL Respond to Nike’s Kaepernick Ad

Donald Trump & The NFL Respond to Nike’s Kaepernick Ad

The second Colin Kaepernick posted the announcement revealing that Nike chose him to be the face of its 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign, the nation was expecting Donald Trump to blast out his response on Twitter.

Trump has been critical of the NFL in the past for not being more proactive in addressing players kneeling during the national anthem and he criticised Nike over the campaign with Kaepernick, who first took a stand in 2016 to protest police brutality and perceived injustice. Other players followed suit and Trump latched on to Kaepernick, at a rally, telling his receptive base that team owners should fire those "sons of bitches".

Nike's casting of Colin Kaepernick in their new campaign has sparked boycott. "Even if it means sacrificing everything".

Colin dominated worldwide Twitter trends list and dinner table discussions on Tuesday when Nike revealed that the sports star is the face of its 30th anniversary campaigns.

Even on the Labor Day holiday, Nike dominated social media.

State lawmakers send net neutrality proposal to the governor
ArsTechnica reports that the group has in fact "consistently fought against both federal and state-level net neutrality rules ". Wiener, though, argues that zero-rating hurts competition, and eventually could lead to less consumer choice and higher prices.

Covington's mention of Pat Tillman as an "NFL/American Hero" is in reference to the former Arizona Cardinals safety dropping his NFL career to joined the Army following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick has been effectively blacklisted by the National Football League, and Nike shares tumbled early Tuesday over worries a campaign around such a controversial figure could harm sales.

Kaepernick has given birth to a very divisive issue, largely because of the manner he chose to fight for what he believes in.

Watch Hannity's mini-monologue above, plus Tomi Lahren asking Californians what they think about Nike's Kaepernick ad campaign. Instead, over the next 24 hours the president was uncharacteristically quiet on his favorite social media platform.

"Because of you, Gloria James, I'm able to be in a position today where I can give back and showcase why I believe African-American women are the most powerful women in the world". But she did, he said. Maybe I can just influence one person, and that makes a change already. A fashion show highlighted the work of designers Kimberly Goldson, Undra Duncan and Fe Noel, who together helped create the new shoe.

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