Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
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Come up with new proposals to break Brexit impasse

Come up with new proposals to break Brexit impasse

"No one wants a good deal more than me", she said.

The UK is due to exit the European Union in just six months time - on March 29, 2019. "Your Brexit's broken", the Daily Mirror newspaper said.

It's worth noting that the Brexit referendum - much like any important political issue - completely divided Great Britain. The left-leaning Guardian said "May humiliated", while the right-of-centre Sun branded bloc leaders "EU dirty rats".

In response to May's statement, the Confederation of British Industry and other business bodies said they wanted to see constructive dialogue, not rhetoric.

"That is the best way to protect jobs here and in the European Union and to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, while respecting the referendum result and the integrity of the United Kingdom".

Yet British politicians and diplomats were taken aback by Tusk's blunt dismissal of the Chequers plan on Thursday - and by his light-hearted Instagram post showing Tusk and May looking at a dessert tray and the words: "A piece of cake, perhaps?"

"Businesses across the United Kingdom want the negotiators to knuckle down and deliver tangible results that enable them to plan for the future", said Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, in an emailed statement.

Speaking to the media in Salzburg on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron said the staunch Brexit backers had deceived the British people, promising them a windfall of funds and a painless exit.

Market expectations are for approximately two increases to US interest rates next year and Russell Investments said that medium-term recession risks in the USA economy are now elevated, pointing to a number of indicators such as a tightening labour market. The Remain side edged the vote in Northern Ireland with 55.77% of the vote.

Calm before the storm - Helene brings warm weather to London
Storm Helene, which was downgraded after initial warnings that it may pose a risk to life, is moving away towards the north east. The Met Office yellow warning asks people living in affected areas to be aware of the dangers the weather could bring.

'The second option would be a basic free trade agreement for Great Britain that would introduce checks at the Great Britain/EU border.

She said: "We both agree that the Withdrawal Agreement needs to include a backstop to ensure that if there's a delay in implementing our new relationship, there still won't be a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland".

"Everybody shared the view that while there are positive elements in the Chequers proposal, the suggested framework for economic cooperation will not work", Mr Tusk said.

The Prime Minister endured a particularly humiliating day in the ongoing talks after her unpopular Chequers blueprint, which she is pressing ahead with, was torn apart by European Union leaders at a summit in Austria.

The Salzburg summit has given them new energy.

May faces a fight with angry Conservative lawmakers at her party's annual conference from September 30.

Pro-EU politicians don't like the Chequers plan either, saying it will cut the U.K.'s vast services sector out of the single market.

Despite the somber mood music, May hinted there could be a way forward.

With a defiant tone, May concluded by saying: "We need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations and we stand ready".

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