Published: Fri, September 28, 2018
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Blasey Ford says '100 percent' certain Kavanaugh assaulted her

Blasey Ford says '100 percent' certain Kavanaugh assaulted her

A key undecided Republican senator says he'll vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Flake said Kavanaugh was entitled to the "presumption of innocence ... absent corroborating evidence". Look at me and tell me that it doesn't matter what happens to me'.

America had previously endorsed Kavanaugh, saying that "anyone who recognizes the humanity of the unborn should support the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh".

Kavanaugh and a woman accusing him of sexual assault, California psychologist Christine Blasey (BLAH'-zee) Ford, spent hours testifying Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh, testifying second, forcefully denied the accusation and said he's never sexually assaulted anyone. It is stating directly and unequivocally that Kavanaugh has not been thoroughly vetted for lifetime elevation to the nation's highest court - completely undercutting Kavanaugh's own claim that the ABA's support for him shows otherwise.

The 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats on the committee will decide whether to recommend Kavanaugh for approval by the entire Senate, which is expected to begin procedural votes Saturday. Today, in announcing his yes vote, he reiterated that he "left the hearing with as much doubt as certainty". But in this case, Flake could have insisted on an FBI investigation now while reserving for himself the right to vote for Kavanaugh later. "She gave good testimony". Lisa Murkowski are seen as the crucial swing votes as Republicans only have room for one dissenter if Democrats are united against Kavanaugh.

The remarkable testimony appears to have only sharpened the partisan divide over Donald Trump's nominee.

Brett Kavanaugh accuser offers to testify to Senate
To make her case to the American people and convince them that she is sincere, honest and credible, Ford doesn't need the Senate. Grassley insists that's not necessary, and says he intends to move forward with or without Ford's testimony.

Flake says Ford's account "was compelling, but she's lacking corroboration from those who were there". Richard Blumenthal of CT made a similar comment, saying that "someone who is honest is also candid about what he or she can not remember".

It was an emotional day of testimony in which the balance of power on America's highest court was at stake. "The Senate must vote!" "There is no question that Judge Kavanaugh is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, and in a different political environment, he would be confirmed overwhelmingly".

Judge Kavanaugh has yet to respond formally to this specific allegation.

America Magazine is a weekly magazine published by Jesuits, a Catholic religious order for men also known as the Society of Jesus.

"If Senate Republicans proceed with his nomination, they will be prioritizing policy aims over a woman's report of an assault", the editors wrote. Their change of heart is notable because Kavanaugh graduated from Georgetown Prep, a Jesuit school.

Former President George W Bush has been advocating for Kavanaugh with wavering senators in recent days, according to a person familiar with Bush's outreach who was not authorized to speak publicly.

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