Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
Technology | By Nina Perez

Apple Releases iOS 12 With Performance Improvement, Siri Shortcuts and More

Apple Releases iOS 12 With Performance Improvement, Siri Shortcuts and More

Shared AR experiences have been created to allow multiple iOS users to use AR apps at the same time, while persistent AR allows people to place virtual objects into the real world that they can later return to, a sort of AR object save feature.

Unless you live and die by your Apple TV, we see no reason to delay the upgrade.

You can now download both updates over the air, with iOS 12 available by going into Settings General Software Update on your iPhone or iPad and watchOS 5 available by going into the Watch app on your iPhone and then selecting General Software Update from there. This is because its banner feature is performance, particularly when under heavy load. We didn't have an iPhone 5s to test at the time of publishing, but if Apple can deliver on this promise, it's a big deal-and a big change from iOS releases in the past, which were notorious for crippling older phones. The new feature is based on Workflow app which Apple acquired previous year.

And if you have an iPhone X, you can download an Animoji of your choice. Like animoji, these are only available on iPhone X devices with facial recognition cameras.

Apple's new iOS 12 update comes with a long list of changes including performance enhancements and features like Screen Time and Siri Shortcuts.

We also recommend testing your core apps and services to make sure they're working normally.

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The Shortcuts app is powerful and full of potential, but once you get into examining all of the actions it may be overwhelming.

Using Do Not Disturb to keep your phone quiet during a meeting or while you sleep is easy enough, right? An added feature called ScreenTime monitors how much time you are spending on your iPhone and a breakdown of the usage. With regular Do Not Disturb, your phone is merely silenced, but notifications still appear on the lock screen. The iOS 12 GM release was already pushed to beta testers last week, which means they've been benefiting from the same performance enhancements for days. Siri will suggest the phone number as a shortcut, rather than forcing you to open the calendar app and find the appointment to dial the number.

With Walkie Talkie, you just choose who you want to be able to communicate with and hold down the "Talk" button to transmit your voice to a given contact. So, for instance, you can now use Siri to quickly identify a star, planet, or other celestial body just by asking Siri to identify it. That issue has been fixed in iOS 12.

Photos now has a smarter search, with contextual sharing suggestions and easier photo sharing. By using certain commands, you can preset certain things with Siri, such as playing a type of music or setting up directions to your favorite place. In theory, you could even have it set the thermostat at your house, provided your thermostat's app is integrated.

This self-selection into the custom shortcuts world of the Shortcuts app hopefully creates a highly-interested user base. In future, every time you speak that phrase, the shortcut will be run. Do you have a meeting you need to call into on your calendar? And if you use two-factor authentication-which you should-iOS 12 will even auto-fill two-factor authentication codes that come in as text messages, saving you the hassle. In addition, AR files are now supported across core iOS apps including Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News.

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