Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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Trump "needs to put a pin in that", says panelist


President Trump has admitted that the goal of a June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower between a Kremlin-connected lawyer and Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., was to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told Fox News Sunday that he believes if special counsel Robert Mueller actually had any incriminating evidence on President Donald Trump or his campaign colluding with Russians to interfere in the 2016 presidential election that "it would have been leaked by now". Quote, "this was a meeting to get information on an opponent".

He concluded the tweet by saying, "I did not know about it!"

Until now Mr Trump had claimed that Donald Jr met Natalia Veselnitskaya and other Kremlin lobbyists at Trump Tower in June 2016 to discuss adoptions.

"Trump says son's Trump Tower meeting with Russians meant to "get information" on Clinton".

Email released by Donald Jr. himself showed he had been keen on the meeting because his father's campaign was being offered potentially damaging information on Clinton.

CNN reported last month that Michael Cohen, the president's longtime personal lawyer, was willing to tell Mueller that Trump did know about the Trump Tower meeting in advance.

The Post had reported that the statement to The Times was dictated by the president, though at the time Trump's lawyers denied his involvement. Trump's disclosure came in response to a story that he was increasingly concerned about the possibility of Russian Federation probe by the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller zeroing on his son who was part of a meeting that was purportedly claimed to be about adoption. When asked by host George Stephanopoulos how a meeting arranged to get information on an opponent could be legal, Sekulow responded: "Well, the question is, how would it be illegal?"

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"You then misled the country about the objective of the Trump Tower meeting when it became public".

In an angry tweet yesterday morning, however, he attacked the "Fake News" media reports that he was concerned about his son's role.

"When you look at a meeting that took place a year before - now two years ago - the question is, what law, statute, rule or regulation's been violated, and nobody's pointed to one", Sekulow added.

"Citing multiple sources, the Times reports that Trump Jr". In politics, that's called opposition research.

Thus, the purported disconnect between President Trump's tweets and statements by others on his team does not exist. Prosecutors say Mr. Manafort did not pay taxes on the millions of dollars he earned as a lobbyist for Ukraine, which is enmeshed in a territorial dispute with Russian Federation over the Crimean Peninsula.

News of the meeting, which Mr Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and top campaign official Paul Manafort also attended, broke in July past year. Sekulow asked on ABC News' "This Week," implying no laws prohibit campaign aides from meeting with foreign agents. Now, in the face of that, President Trump had to change the message. Dowd subsequently resigned from the Trump team.

The president has said many times he would be willing to speak with Mueller, but plans to await his legal team's guidance. They can also cause War!'

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