Published: Tue, August 28, 2018
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O.J. Simpson denies murders in Sacha Baron Cohen spoof interview

O.J. Simpson denies murders in Sacha Baron Cohen spoof interview

Sacha Baron Cohen's undercover show ended its first and only season without airing a highly anticipated interview with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R).

Simpson, who - like all guests on Who Is America?

At some point during the interview, LaVergne said, Simpson realized it was "Sacha Baron Cohen doing his thing", based on a few tells that gave it away: a legal pad he took out during the conversation - which isn't something a billionaire playboy would be using - and the fact that Cohen is 6'3. The fact that OJ wanted to partake in such a petty show is already enough to make a "Who Is America" fan put down her viewing snacks in distaste.

"She knows that, oh Jesus", Simpson said, as he laughed and shook his head.

When the woman left the room, Simpson told Monaldo that she was gorgeous, and Cohen's character agreed, but added "sometimes I want to kill her". Throughout the interview "Gio" kept talking about murder.

"Hey", Simpson said, laughing nervously. As such, Baron Cohen's Monaldo needled Simpson with various jokes about how much he wants to murder his own girlfriend, jokes to which Simpson often chuckled and responded to by giving high-fives. "You kill two silly people and suddenly you're O.J. the murderer".

How is Michael Cohen's 'Truth Fund' faring?
The development could lead to a widening of inquiries into the president's finances, while also threatening to drag in close family members.

Over the course of Who Is America? "We had been divorced and separated for two years". Frank, one of the few liberal politicians to have found themselves in Cohen's crosshairs, emphatically dismissed Ruddick's assertion that President Trump "is the greatest president that this country has ever seen".

'Me and you, we got something in common. Cohen said, "We both, uh, how you say, 'lady killers.'" The statement made Simpson uncomfortable, so Cohen pushed forward saying, "It's not what it sounds like".

O.J. then laughingly replies: "I ain't kill nobody".

While Palin didn't technically appear on the show, her name did end up making it into the final credits.

In July, Palin started a media storm, claiming on Facebook she had been "duped" by Baron Cohen and "fallen victim to the evil, exploitive (sic), sick "humour" " during an interview, which ultimately did not air. Unfortunately, Simpson didn't crack, though not for Baron Cohen's lack of trying.

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