Published: Wed, August 29, 2018
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

Louis C.K. returns to stand-up stage after #MeToo scandal

Louis C.K. returns to stand-up stage after #MeToo scandal

"Comedy writer and TV producer Owen Ellickson claimed that C.K. hadn't actually made amends for how deeply his offenses allegedly went within the comedy community, tweeting, "... he HASN'T acknowledged the fifteen years he & his team spent lying, story-killing and (in at least one case) intimidating".

A fifth woman, who refused to be named, alleged that in the late 90s when she was working with Louis on The Chris Rock Show he "repeatedly asked her to watch him masturbate". In response, he turned them into props for his sexual fantasy.

In November, the New York Times published a report in which five women, fellow comedians or other entertainment professionals, discussed being harassed or propositioned by professional settings.

A written statement and then a year away from the spotlight was the PR strategy for Taylor Swift after feuding with Kanye West about whether she agreed to his using a lyric about her in his song "Famous".

The women, some of which were performers themselves, accused CK of a raft of misconduct which included masturbating in front of them. If C.K. has done any of this, we don't know - and if he does, great, sure, that's a start toward a meaningful redemption as a human being.

Yet the set was testing more than just new material.

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Comedian Bris Farley said: 'Louis CK being "banished" from stand-up comedy wasn't some kind of petty punishment, it was a fucking workplace safety issue.

Do you think C.K. returned too soon? The only "sentence" C.K. ever served entailed dropping out of public life for nine months before performing at the Cellar.

With his return to the stage, that time for listening might have ended.

As someone who was once a Louis C.K. fan, I hope it is the former.

According to the club owner, Noam Dworman, most of the crowd enjoyed the set and CK got a standing ovation when he first took to the stage. "He needs to work on his best comedy about how he was a douche and how he is trying to make amends to women", comedian Christopher Titus also told The Hollywood Reporter, before noting he had to "earn it".

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