Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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US Congress Warns Netanyahu Against Making Deal With Putin Regarding Syria

US Congress Warns Netanyahu Against Making Deal With Putin Regarding Syria

Syrian state media said Israeli jets fired on military positions in the southwestern Quneitra province, inflicting material damage.

Israeli fighter planes targeted three military posts in Syria, in response to the infiltration of a Syrian UAV that was intercepted by the IDF earlier Wednesday, the military spokesperson said.

Israel has intensified its bombing of military infrastructure in Syria over the last couple of months, despite the conflict winding down, with terrorists and extremist militants controlling ever-decreasing swathes of land and so-called "moderates" joining the state-wide reconciliation process in growing numbers.

The military issued a statement warning that it "will not allow any violation of Israeli airspace and will act against any attempt to hurt its civilians".

A Syrian woman holds a baby as she walks into a checking room just after they crossed the armistice line to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to get medical treatment in Israel, July 11, 2018.

Israel has threatened to open fire at any Syrian government forces that try to deploy in a demilitarised Golan buffer zone set up under a 1974 United Nations -monitored armistice.

Wounded In South Africa Plane Crash
Paramedics helped survivors out of the aircraft and treated patients at the scene as firefighters tackled the smoking wreckage. The aircraft was marked "Martin's Air Charter", which was the previous name of the Dutch cargo airline Martinair.

"We are still looking into why it crossed, whether it was on a military mission and crossed on objective, or it strayed", said Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman. The plateau is not recognised internationally as Israeli territory. Putin replied that such a demand was unrealistic, leading some to fear that Netanyahu would agree to some kind of arrangement under which Russian Federation promised to keep said Iranian forces in check, while allowing them to remain deployed within striking distance of Israel.

"Their use of military force in Syria would inevitably lead to an escalation of tensions across the entire Middle East region", he said.

For Israel, the medical aid programme can help win hearts and minds in border areas where the number of refugees has increased in recent weeks as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces advance in an offensive to recover southwest Syria. Israel worries Assad could let his Iranian allies entrench there or that Syrian forces may defy a 1974 Golan demilitarisation.

"We will discuss Syria, we will discuss Iran, we will discuss Israel's security needs", Netanyahu told reporters before departing.

Wednesday's incident came as Netanyahu travelled to Russian Federation to meet President Vladimir Putin.

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