Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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Donald Trump could meet Boris Johnson, says U.S. ambassador

Donald Trump could meet Boris Johnson, says U.S. ambassador

But it soon began to unravel when Davis resigned late on Sunday and launched a no-holds-barred attack on her plan, calling it "dangerous" and one which would give "too much away, too easily" to European Union negotiators, who would simply ask for more.

He told reporters outside his London home: "I admire Boris and David very much and I'm sorry that they have left the Government, but". But should they ultimately do so, the prime minister also looked to have enough support.

There has been an astonishing lack of clarity in her approach to the issue, to the point where she has failed miserably in what appears to have been a contrived attempt to please everyone at the same time. "I get along with her very well, I have a very good relationship".

A Downing Street spokesman confirmed that if pushed to a confidence vote, May would not resign.

But recent polling figures should provide the Conservatives little comfort: Only 29 percent of Britons polled approve of the government's handling of Brexit.

President Trump may have grown accustomed to being an agent of chaos when he makes foreign trips, and that certainly seemed to be what awaited when his two-day expedition to Britain was announced some weeks ago and British police started planning riot-style deployments to contain an expected hoopla by anti-Trumpites.

A YouGov poll recently found that 62% of party members believe he would make a good leader.

Theresa May raised the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government to appeal for Tory unity on Brexit. "If the government plans to get the deal through on the back of Labour Party votes, that would be the most divisive thing it could do and it would be a split coming from the top".

"This policy will be bad for our country and bad for the party", said the Lewes MP.

The appointment of Raab, a leading Brexit supporter, and the decision of some eurosceptic ministers to stay suggest Tory Brexiteers are divided.

US Chamber says $75 bn in US exports subject to counter-tariffs
Trump's secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross, has hinted the decision on automotive tariffs could come as early as this month. Such a war could cost jobs, Bracken said.

Yes, she inherited a hard situation from David Cameron, but she has shown herself to be lacking in the political vision to deliver the Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for in the referendum. May replied that wouldn't be possible because of the requirements of membership, including free movement of people across borders.

May said she had chaired a "productive" meeting of her government, unswayed by the resignations on Sunday and Monday of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson - the face of Brexit for many Britons - and Brexit negotiator David Davis.

While ministers have emphatically ruled out a national referendum on the final Brexit deal, demands are growing for a "People's Vote" to allow the public to decide whether to leave on the terms obtained by the Government or remain in the EU.

The former home secretary Amber Rudd accused Mr Johnson of "backseat driving" in the Brexit negotiations in September a year ago.

Johnson warned Britain was headed for the "status of colony" of the European Union after it leaves in March, and said the Brexit "dream is dying".

May's response was caustic.

This dog of a deal that she has put together is clearly not acceptable to the many traditional Conservative voters who would have been in the Leave camp.

It leaves the four great offices of state - Prime Minister, Chancellor, Foreign Secretary, and Home Secretary - in the hands of ministers who voted to stay in the European Union, although in the case of Home Secretary Sajid Javid at least, with no great enthusiasm. Three junior ministers also quit their posts. May was appointed to succeed him without a vote by her Conservative Party's activists.

However, Mrs May's ability to squeeze concessions out of Brussels is likely to be undermined if the Commission and the 27 other member states doubt her ability to get her proposals through Parliament.

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