Published: Thu, July 26, 2018
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

‘All Bets Are Off’ Between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

‘All Bets Are Off’ Between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

Eyebrows were raised over the weekend after multiple outlets reported that President Donald Trump's lawyers waived privilege claims over a bombshell tape seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from his former longtime attorney Michael Cohen that contained a conversation between the two about payments made to ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Cuomo aired a recording Tuesday night that Cohen secretly taped of a September 2016 conversation he had with Trump in which they discussed buying another woman's story of an alleged affair.

In response to the newly released Cohen tape, the ethics watchdog Common Cause simply pointed to its complaint filed with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) earlier this year, which noted: "All indications are that AMI made the payment to McDougal in consultation with Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer and "fix-it" man, which makes AMI's payment a "coordinated expenditure" and in-kind corporate contribution to the Trump campaign".

Mr Trump's current lawyer, Mr Rudy Giuliani, said he got an audio expert to enhance the recording, the Associated Press reported. Cohen tells Trump that The New York Times wants to unseal documents on his divorce from Ivana Trump ahead of the election (an effort that was ultimately unsuccessful, as Cohen predicts).

While Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani previously insisted Cohen suggested using cash to buy the story, Davis pointed to the audio as proof that it was Trump's suggestion all along.

His comments stoked speculation that he might co-operate with investigators against Mr Trump, although there has been no confirmation so far that he has done so. Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things? The truth is no one knows, but the mainstream media is spinning the story to sound as though this tape is the ultimate smoking gun against Trump.

"I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David", Cohen said in the recording, likely a reference to American Media head David Pecker.

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"I did it on my own", Mr. Cohen said of the payment, according to the people familiar with the matter. Trump is heard saying "pay with cash" but the audio is muddled and it's unclear whether he suggests paying with cash or not paying.

Weisselberg, on the other hand, has worked for the Trump family since the 1970s, and knows more about the Trump Organization's history and finances than almost anyone. Trump's lawyers say the payments were never made.

Giuliani contended that the recording would not harm Trump after news broke last week in The New York Times that the recording of Trump and Cohen was among those obtained by prosecutors.

Cohen's attorney has said he released the tape after being subjected to an "intense campaign of disparagement" by the president's team.

This chatter is noteworthy because it shows Cohen advising Trump on campaign matters. Most of the conversations involve Cohen talking with reporters who asked him about Trump during and after the 2016 election, according to the newspaper.

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal says she had a months-long affair with Donald Trump after they met in 2006. "The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!"

Cohen made a similar payment of $130,000 to porn star and stripper Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

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